August 17, 2009

Update on my knee, BAD NEWS!

I went to the doctors to get my knee checked and the diagnosis was as vague as an Obama press release. My GP (general practitioner) x-rayed my knee. The XRays were inconclusive. I have a large amount of water built up in my knee. This could mean any number of things from "it needs to be drained" to "It is being caused by torn ligaments which will require surgery", to "the water may drain on it's ownk. Now if I was European this doctor visit would have required 6 celebrex, a full round of Tylenol3 with codeine for pain, 6 months to figure out that I am allergic to Tylenol meanwhile, the water in my knee would have gone to gangrene and by the time the required surgery was put into place, I would probably be facing losing my leg over a stupid fall. Then I would not get any sort of health reimbursement unless I lost the other leg too. NOW THAT'S HEALTHCARE DONE THE LEFT WAY!!!!Text Color
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