February 19, 2011

Camelot, before and after..were we right?

This is an old post, but shows just how little the real issues have changed in the last 2 years.

Project Camelot from 3/10/10

A friend pointed this out to me recently.
Here is an interesting video about "Project Camelot."
It's really long but the interesting part in reference to government is at 24:15 but you can start around 23:00 to understand the topic:

Ultimately, it's liberalism morphing into libertarianism. it boils down to people deciding that central planning and organizing aka huge federal or central government will claim to "help" people but will ultimately do more harm than good which is why our founders made our federal government weak, and gave state governments far more latitude. Even my great grandmother who was the first woman Sheriff in tenessee considered herself a tennesseean American. State used to come first to people. elections were the same way, where local and state elections were much more important to people than national.and presidential elections. corporations are no different. multinational corporations have no love for the tea party or as I call it "the pro-liberty" movement. "too big to fail" means too big to this movement.
It's those corporations in conjunction with governing bodies like the UN, NATO ,EU, that are supporting obamacare. why, because they want the small businesses which still have the biggest piece of the overall pie out of the way. our big corpoations aren't capitalist, they are in thebusiness of "manipulative consumerism." then the government call capitalists-small business owners...the boogeyman. Why is obama going after people making $250K a year? because that is the mean income for someone to have or begin their own serious business. What segment of our economy has the most small businesses? The answer may surprise you as it is Doctors offices (General Practitioners). There is no "walmart" of the medical care industry. Each doctor works for his/her self or with a small group of other doctors and nurses. Much like in a small business or in the early (pre orthodoxy) Christian Church, in the tea party movement, people ask what can you do, what are you good at, now do that within the movement. If you can write, start a blog, if you are a good organizer, start a group, etc. every person do a little, donate what you can.When Christianity was in it's infancy, there were no clergy in charge of regions, no pope, just small individual groups if people gathering, giving what they could to contribute, and each group picked a group of leaders from within to be organizers of that group. They engaged in willful socialsm on the local level. Peter was never a "pope" despite what you were taught in Catholic theology. Groups of Christans met, and dealt with their problems and needs on their own. The first record of a "church" picking a single leader or head of a Church is at the earliest 120 a.d. and that was "Clement" who is often called the second Pope. The original Christian intent was individualism helping the collective at will just as Reagan's economic policies a.k.a "trickle down economics" were laid out, not clerical elites leading the uneducated masses in any direction they so choose. The reasoning for America's success, most recently with the pro-liberty movement, Reagan Revolution, all the way to our founding fathers separating the powers of the Federal Government was prevention of a few making decisions for everyone. That discussion about "project Camelot" is the simple notion that we don't need ever growing government bodies or multinational corporations telling us how to do things.
We can, at the local level, take care of ourselves. The closer we get to a "nanny state," the more self serving that state will be. This is happening all world at the same time. Now violence is starting to uptick, not from the "pro-liberty" movement but from statists.

Consider this, I originally wrote this in 2009, and posted it in 3/2010. Look at both Egypt and Minnesota and ask yourself, is this true?

Andrew33, here now, just as before....
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