September 02, 2010

Living Peacefully With Islam

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"We, the German Führer …, and the British Prime Minister, have had a further meeting today … We regard the agreement signed last night …as symbolic of the desire…never to go to war with one another again. … and we are determined to … remove possible sources of difference, and thus to contribute to assure the peace of Europe.”  – Neville Chamberlain several months prior to the beginning of WWII

Appeasement can absolutely work; you can get along with anyone and live in peace and harmony with them as long as you do not care about right and wrong, and do not mind being subjugated. Our Western puritan sensibilities say that two rational groups of people can meet and agree on things in a civilized manner; but you cannot deal rationally with an irrational person or group.

To be totally fair, not all, or even most, or even a majority of the followers of the religion and polity of Islam are AK waving-wild eyed-bomb throwers; the problem is the moderate rational, peace loving, moderate Muslims ARE NOT IN CONTROL. There were many Germans who did not participate or condone, and in fact condemned the actions of Hitler; there were multiple assassination attempts made by those in the German military, but those were not the voices in control of Germany at the time.

Our problem as a nation is that we see the Religion of Islam as separate from the countries that it RULES.  Islam is both a religion and a political force.  It is a spiritual philosophy and a political one.  It goes against virtually everything this country stands for.  Womens Rights, Equal rights, tolerance, & freedom of worship. More incredibly we have the liberal left championing a religion (which has to be a first all by itself) that is opposed to almost all of its’ own aims.  Islam is against womyn’s rights; homosexuality, abortion, birth control, and separation of church and state.  Yet, the liberal hand wringers have tied themselves down with political correctness and support the appeasement of Islam in ways that are completely counter to its usual aims.  We say Men and Women are equal, and in some liberal schools this has been taken to the extreme of co-ed bathrooms, yet the left champions Muslim attempts to segregate students based on gender in education.  The liberal left endorses the idea that we should not be uptight with the overt sexualization our children to the point that pedophiles feel safe in some of our states because of lenient courts/ and is in step with the Islamic notion of wearing a full veil and making accommodations to sports uniforms for modesty sake.  It is to the point that in some cases when a Muslim woman comes up dead the news won’t report on it out of respect of the Muslim tradition of honor killing.

I do not have a problem with a woman feeling she has to wear a veil; I do have a problem with Muslims changing my way of life.  I do have a problem with allowing them to kill their wives and rape their daughters and not be punished for it.  I do have a problem with the notion that on the site of our nations second most deadly foreign attack we are seriously debating allowing the building of a place of worship to honor the ideology that caused the deaths of over 3000 of our fellow citizens.

And so in a very real sense we must come to grips with the truth; a Religion is at war with our way of life.  In our history we have fought nations; meaning we have fought adherents to a political movement tied principally to land claimed by that polity.  But Islam stretches across lines on a map, because it is a set of ideas.  And it is at war with us and has been for a very long time.  We have only very reluctantly fought against it and never had the stomach for outright war with it, because it does not have a regular army and does not play by Geneva convention rules.  I suspect another reason is our continual and persistent view that it is ONLY a religion and of our long held principle of freedom of religion.  To go to war against a religion goes against our very nature.

I do not want to go to war with all adherents of Islam; in fact I advocate annihilation only of those who wish to kill me for my beliefs.  But I am strong in that opinion; because they will not stop, because they cannot be dealt with rationally.  They cannot be dealt with rationally because they do not share much, if any, of our worldview. In a time when Obama is riding high because of the renewed peace talks between the Palestinians and Israel, we should remember our own history, but we are not taught of the Barbary wars, which created the US Marines, coined the term leatherneck, and led to the marine hymn line “…to the shores of Tripoli”.   More on that later…

The only way for us to live peaceably with Islam is for either a) the true moderate Muslims to repudiate all policies of aggression towards ‘infidels’ and remove the radicals from power, which is highly unlikely since war with infidels is called for in the Quran and they believe that it is infallible; or b) we remove their will and ability to hurt us through the only thing the whackos understand…violence.

For the proof they are at war with us, click here all but a handful are by radical adherents to Islam.


-who can tell me the significance of the first picture in the post and why it is bookended with the picture of the towers?

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