March 03, 2011

Breaking News – the 14 Fleebagging AWOL Wisconsin Dems. to be taken into custody

breaking news, being reported now…

Wisconsin Senate approves measure to have 14 Fleebagging AWOL democrat senators who have defected to IL to be taken into custody.

The measure that was just passed says the fleebaggers have been determined to be in contempt and disorderly content.  It instructs the Sergeant At Arms of the State Senate the to use his authority to take ‘any and all steps with or without force to force the senators to return to their duties’.
This is not the same as an arrest, but it is definitely not hand-wringing either.  

I bet Reagan is smiling down kindly on the Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Senators who voted for this measure.  This is what I said needed to happen a week or so ago in my previous post.

The next steps after this would likely be to actually press charges against them leading to their removal.


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