June 18, 2011

Everything wrong with Progressivism in a post!

I found this Gem at Teresa's blog. http://teresamerica.blogspot.com/ What better way to lay out everything that is wrong with progressivism that to simply lay it all out. That is what Teresa did and that is why this is cross posted here as well.


Progressivism 101

1) They consistently abet and defend the criminal rather than the victim.

2) They promote moral relativism and immorality.

3) They promote "diversity" and "equality" while being intolerant of anyone who has a differing point of view

4) Progressives enable the poor to be and stay poor, and promote permanent dependence on the government.

5) They persecute, marginalize and censor (at least attempt to) any person who espouses any traditional, Christian, or conservative point of view.

6) They resort to name calling when the facts do not support their agenda. This happens quite a bit since the facts usually don't support their arguments.

7) Progressives distort history in order to advance their agenda.

8) There are many instances where progressives simply omit either partial or complete segments from history.

9) Progressives are oblivious to reality.

10) They promote indoctrination of our youth

11) Progressives have anti-Semitic sympathies

12) Progressives themselves have been so desensitized and indoctrinated by the MSM or Left-wing extreme news that they see any fair & balanced news as a "right-wing" distortion of facts.

13) Progressives think that they represent the mainstream of America because they have people like George Soros (Spooky Dude) aggressively promoting their point of view when in fact they don't represent mainstreet America.

14) They encourage class warfare.

15) They believe in the rights of union employees but not the employers.

16) They are ignorant and sympathetic with our enemies when it comes to foreign policy.

17) Progressives believe in "spreading the wealth". They believe that they have a "right" for the government - taxpayers- to take care of them so they don't have to take responsibility and take care of themselves.

18) Instead of truly fixing medicare, medicaid, and the cost of our health care, progressives would rather demagogue the issue and advocate rationing or euthanasia for the vulnerable - sick and elderly.

19) They prey on the most vulnerable and innocent, promoting the murder pre-born children because of what they call "choice".

20) Progressives promote the "you are a racist" or racism meme.

21) They promote statism - strong, big centralized government, communism, socialism, welfare state

22) Progressives promote a mob-like mentality.

23) They demonize the wealthy, the job creators.

24) Progressives believe in power, and in obtaining an enormous amount of power and control over our lives.

25) They believe in racial reparations when those who are in existence today have no history of keeping blacks as slaves.

26) Progressives believe in forcing taxpayers to relinquinsh funds - i.e. their earnings - over to the government instead of true charity from the heart.

27) They don't believe in the Constitution, but see it as an outdated paper which is interfering with their endgame.

28) They ONLY use the Constitution when it fits with their agenda.

29) Progressives are anti-God, anti-prayer in the public sphere, and promote separation of church and state when that is seen nowhere within the Constitution.

30) Simply stated, they're WRONG!
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