May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

On second thought, I do want to say something personal on Memorial day.
On this Memorial Day please thank a Veteran and remember our ancestors who sacrificed so much in order for us to be free and life in the most open society on earth.
And also keep the residents of Joplin in your thoughts, and if you are so inclined, your prayers.  Remember those who have loved ones they have lost.  For those who lost someone, be comforted, because God will surely know his own.
I am thankful that I was fortunate enough not to lose my home even though it was only two miles further east from where the tornado lifted off.  I know many people personally who were affected and my heart goes out to them.
I also saw the faces of the people who lost everything, many who I do not know personally.  I saw them for three days as I did my small part to help last week.  I saw so many who lost so much and my heart goes out to them as well.
This is definitely a Memorial Day those of us in Southwest Missouri will never forget.
On the bright side, know this: We will rebuild our buildings. Because although many of them might be destroyed, our Community, which is made up of People, not strong, and will likely become stronger because of this tragedy.
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