May 02, 2011

Osama Is Dead - Random Thoughts

I hate that I don't feel...anything really

I know that this is not cause for celebration.  When you put down a rabid animal, it is a job that needs done, and you do it without regret, but you should not be exultant about it. 

Justice has been done, it was grim business, it was done, and now we should just move on.  You don't celebrate. (nevermind when it actually happened)

The pictures on the web and on facebook with the Statue of Liberty holding Osama's head sicken me.

Then again, the fact that we have not been shown any good proof and that he was buried at sea leaves me feeling empty.

Sad too, that I am so cynical and disgusted with the government, and this pResident, that I find it awfully coincedental that they ANNOUNCE this during an election year when there is very little for Obama to crow about.  Gas is high, we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now he put us in Libya as well. Unemployment is still at a 30 year high.  He has failed to deliver on many of the promises he made to get elected (promises that I was mostly against anyway).  All of this is causing him trouble with his base.  And I know how all of us feel about him.

I am old enough that I don't believe in coincidences much anymore.  So I will dust off my tin foil hat and wonder if it is possible that Osama died when I thought he did and the (wise) decision was made (by the previous administration) to keep it quiet to prevent martyrdom and retaliation.  But I hate being a conspiracy theorist all the time.  So I don't know what to think..

It just leaves me with a nagging thought that we will never truly know now for sure who was killed in Pak-e-Stahn.  . 

If nothing else, the result is the same in my humblest of opinions. 
1. Obama gets to make political hay out of this when the work was done by others
2. Now there is a real rallying cry for all the would-be terrorists out there
3. All the jubilant announcing of Osama's death will do is decrease our safety.

Just my thoughts, what are yours?
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