November 03, 2010


and Hopefully, the Grown-Ups are back in Washington.  Now it is time for them to get to work.  This is the elephants last dance, if they rise to the occasion and listen to the people and do what they have been sent to do…this should be interesting indeed.  If they get power drunk and think this is a mandate to do all of their pet projects they have sat on for a decade then we will see another violent swing. 

Watching the house the last two years has been like being tied to a chair during a drunken frat party on acid and speed using all our stolen credit cards for the strippers and blow.

Our nation is more and more polarized all the time, but I do still believe that the rabid communists are a minority.  The fact that we are ever more divided does concern me.  It seems as though we are being distilled into more and more pure elements of our ideology.  There is a literal wide no man’s land in the middle now.    Which from the perspective of a constitutional libertarian is a good thing for our side.  I suspect that from a far left moonbat standpoint they like it too.  The loser though is probably our nation as a whole.  It seems we are now drawing the battle lines more clearly than ever before and we may be locked into a battle to the death.  Obviously if the Republicans do not hold up their end of the bargain now, they are done; and it seems last night was a clear repudiation of the Liberal Agenda.  Then again, the 2008 was a clear repudiation of what had become the Republican agenda.  Does this indicate a clear shift to the conservative side, or just a general dissatisfaction in general?

We want our cake and to eat it too, do we not?  I know I for one would love to see entitlements nearly completely eliminated, but even I would not be in for the legitimate suffering, and certain social upheaval that it would cause.  The Other side feels as thought the Democrats have not done enough moving left.  Which is simply incredible to me… mind blowing really. 

We seem to me to be like a car on ice, the wobbles start small and through several over-corrections one way and then the other, the swings get larger and more uncontrolled until finally there is a crash.

But our problems right now are less philosophical and more realistic; we have to stop the bleeding.  We have to put our finances back in order.  My rudimentary political strategizing tells me that the best thing this house could do would be to pass a balanced budget, undo the worst of the damage, and wait until 2012 blaming Reid and Obama all the while.  That will allow a further takeover in 2012 and possibly allow us to repeal decades worth of bad ideas.  I fear that if the Republicans move too far too fast they will just cause  a strong swing the other way and allow Reid and Obama to take the upper hand.  We have them down, they are up against the fence and we need to keep whaling away at them until they are knocked out and the Referee has to pull us off of them.

The die is case, this is a battle for the soul and the future of our nation, we cannot take prisoners.  Democrats are petty and pretty much evil, and proving that in typical fashion, Nasty Botoxi cannot even be gracious in her resounding defeat.  Good riddance.


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