May 11, 2010

All I need to Know about Obama’s Pick Kagan

  I guess I am becoming more jaded and cynical.  Here is all I need to know about Elena Kagan.

1. Obama Likes Her.  This means that:

a. She has no real world experience in the position he is selecting her for

b. She is from the halls of academe, probably Ivy League, most likely Harvard

c.  She is a radical socialist

d. She is angry and does not like this country or its’ history very much

e. She will not be a human litmus test on constitutionality, but will instead be “empathetic” and will pander to her favored interests

     i. most likely gay rights

2. she will make Janet Napolitano look feminine.

3 we will all bitch and moan, there will be much bluster from the conservative leadership

a. The end result will be the same

4. She will be confirmed as the next SCJ.

Next up…censorship in the media, gun control, further takeovers of industry, further villainization of private business and entrepreneurship.

-Getting Tired Ya’ll


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