May 28, 2010

Ban on New Offshore Drilling Won’t Affect Electricity Prices, it is Purely Political.

Oil Rigs We. Do. Not. Burn. Oil. For. Electricity (in any significant way).  The search for alternative energy sources will theoretically reduce our dependence on coal, NOT on foreign oil.

This meme is so ingrained I do not know how many times I have to tell MYSELF that these two things are not really related.
His Fraudulency, Chairman Zero, broke his nearly year long abstinence on press conferences to address the Gulf Oil Spill.  He blathered on for nearly an hour and then he announced (with barely concealed glee I am sure) that there would be a ban on new offshore oil drilling.  So much for opening new areas to exploration, eh?
Obama, holding China (!) up as a role model for our future, touted their push toward “alternative energy” when reports indicate that their coal usage is increasing.  China may indeed be looking at alternative energy sources, but they are drilling like crazy anywhere they suspect there is oil and leveling whole mountains looking for more coal.  They are rushing headlong to a title match for Lone Superpower Status, at a time when the champ is sending the message that it doesn’t even want to be champ. 

But alternative energy sources such as they are will not affect our oil usage for theunicorn tears foreseeable future.  Cars run on oil.  Most alternative energy research, theory, dreaming,  is aimed at electrical generation.  Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Wave Power, Nuclear, Unicorn Tears are all meant for electrical generation.  Currently most of our electrical generation is accomplished by that other most hated industry, Coal Mining.

Oil makes Gasoline, Diesel and other fuels…that we primarily use for moving vehicles.
Chevy_Volt_Pre_Production The most famous “green” automobiles, the Prius and all the other Hybrids,  do not have an electrical outlet anywhere on them.  The Chevy Volt, still months away at best, can only go 40 miles on battery power, and then uses a gas engine.  Another sticking point with the Volt is price, at probably $35,000, it is not going to be a car for the masses.

The Unicorn Tear Powered Car is all ready to go, however, we are just waiting on the Unicorn Tears.

The Ban on Offshore Drilling will not in and of itself make us safer, in fact it will likely make us less safe.  Until Gasoline hits $4 a gallon (heaven help us) people will not slow down their driving much.  Other things will be eliminated first.   This will push our reliance to MORE foreign sources at a time when the Middle East is about to explode, we will be buying more oil from OPEC and really NONE of those countries are our allies.  We will be helping our enemies, funding them, allowing them to achieve their (evil) dreams and schemes.  This will potentially create a disaster that will make the Oil Spill seem a pretty trifling business.

All of this just reinforces these points;

Solar Power – doesn’t work where it is cloudy, is expensive, takes hundreds of acres is-the-sun-setting-on-solar-power-in-spain_1 to be worthwhile, and takes more water to keep it cool than we can afford, plus the environmentalists block the water diversion and usage.

Wind Power – The liberal elites were recently victorious on keeping windmills (4 miles) off the coast of Nantucket, so although they want them in theory, they don’t want them spoiling their view or in their backyard.  Again, environmentalists hate them because they kill birds.  And they only work in areas with reliable wind.

Geothermal – would work great, except we need some sort of Unobtanium element as yet undiscovered to keep the heat and corrosion from eating up any kind of turbine.
Hydroelectric – Awesome.  Too bad we are pretty much out of rivers to dam, and the environmentalists won’t let us anyway.

Wave Power – well obviously it only works near the coasts.  Certain kinds of coasts.  And mother nature has a tendency to destroy the little flapper thingy’s.

Nuclear – for some reason completely and totally unacceptable despite the French and the Chinese using it everywhere.  The one time I want to be like the French and the only time the liberal effete are against it.coal_hands

So…what is left…Unicorn Tears?  Coal.  Coal is what makes electricity and the United States has more than any other nation, making our electricity potentially the cheapest in the world.  Not to mention we do use a lot of hydro-power and it is both clean and cheap.

The only close to viable alternatives for automobile fuel is Ethanol.  But burning food is a bad idea.  Making ethanol from biomass is either incredibly stinky, and environmentally unfriendly as well; or causes food, and more importantly animal feed, prices to skyrocket making $5 a gallon milk a real possibility.  Animals eat mostly corn.  Even if you are a vegan, so much farmland would have to be farmed in corn that vegans would starve too.  Oh and uh…Tractors, Combines, and OTR trucks won't run on the stuff. Some of the newest tractors can burn 300 gallons of Diesel a day. Never mind that fuel mileage on ethanol is craptastic.

Main point being, alternative energy is not feasible, at least not yet, and even if it were it does not power our cars; and probably never will.

No, banning oil exploration and drilling is political.  More importantly all this driving we do is really liberating to the masses allowing us to travel for work and for leisure.  Our automobiles allow us to broaden our horizons and be self reliant.  These are concepts that are totally against the progressive agenda.  Progressives and Socialists thrive where there is misery and fail where there is prosperity.  That is why Oil, Coal, and Nuclear energy is bad… because it enables freedom.  With liberty and freedom we will look to ourselves and each other, and not to Government, and that will ruin THEIR way of life.
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