May 17, 2010

Once you unplug from the narrative

I have not been posting much lately. Fact is, I am tired and kind of burned out. I think I have said most of what I felt I needed to say, and there are others who say it on average much better than I. Readership seems to have pretty much peaked for the effort that I am able to expend and now we are presented with the prospect of spending money to make it better or just letting it cruise along.

The thing is, once you see behind the curtain; take the red pill, or unplug from the narrative you see the true reality everywhere. People are apparently very easy to, and may indeed actually prefer to be deceived.

Case in point, I am traveling for work right now. This is another reason posting has been slower. Faced with the prospect of many hours of driving and no one to talk to I went to the bookstore for an audiobook. Incidentally this is when I saw the novelization of that work of lying bad fiction "the story of stuff" (rage). I am reading a hugemongeous history book right now and I didn't want any heavy political or history book. Besides having brain overload and being near burned out on the news of the day in general, I like to use a highliter on political and history books and I cannot easily reference material from an audio book. So I was just looking for a novel. The last thing I read by Michael Crichton was probably something to do with velociraptors so I picked up a $14 book of his titled State of Fear. And dag nab it if it isn't his treatise on how he thinks APGW, commonly referred to by it's apostles as global warming, is a complete and total farce! Great book and he has backed it up with facts some of which I will probably be sharing with y'all in the days ahead.

Point being, once you get to the point many of us are at with the "narrative" vs. "the truth" you cannot escape it and you cannot stop thinking about it. The lies are everywhere and the truth is so easy to see. So although I may be taking a brief pause I am not going to stop; because frankly I am now incapable of it.

One thing toward the end of the book in the afterword was a quote (you know I love quotes)

"when the search for Truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power"
Austin Chase

This is the case when it comes to anthropogenic climate change. It is a thin covering of high minded do gooderism over a naked power grab masquerading as a grand sociological experiment. It is the worlds biggest get rich quick scheme and "His Fraudulency" and the Zero administration are smack dab in the thick of it.

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