May 03, 2010

Multiculturalism – Where ‘zero tolerance’ unity of thought results in diversity of skin color

As some of you may be aware I have a younger family member who lives with me while she attends college.  She is a sharp cookie, and although she does not agree with me on every issue, nor I with her, we do agree on a good number of philosophical points.

Frequent readers know that I detest affirmative action and quotas for pretty much any use.  I have taken a little heat in the past for my comparisons regarding the amount of “diversity” on TV and in advertising and the actual demographics of this nation.

I am reminded of the South Park episode on the South Park flag:

The episode begins with an argument about the South Park town flag. It depicts four white figures hanging a black one on a gallows. The blatant racism incites Chef's indignation and leads him to believe that the whole town is racist. The Children are eventually given the job of redesigning the flag and when they unveil it, it is a multicultural flag of different colored stick people holding hands…with a black stick figure on the gallows. 

Chef and the rest of the adults find out that the children had not even noticed that the flag was racist, thinking that the issue at hand was capital punishment. Chef realizes that, when the children looked at the flag, they only saw five people, with no regard to their colors, and is touched: he realizes that, in believing the whole town racist while throwing the slur "cracker" around, he was being the racist one. . Chef delivers the moral of this story: his inclination to anti-racism almost made him a racist himself; perceiving things according to race leads only to further racism.

In our world today we have “forced diversity” where diversity becomes un-diverse.  Everybody seems to have a dance card they have to fill with their “black” friend, and their “gay” friend, and their “asian” friend.  We’ve become hyper-racist to the point none of you probably pulled up short at my insertion of “gay” into a discussion on race.  That is how bad it has gotten, if you are perceived as anti-homosexual, you are also a racist.  Never mind being anti-homosexual being wrong; how did that become race based?

Look at the Lefty bomb throwers; they are the ones attempting to marginalize the entire TEA movement because "we are all a bunch of white raaacists”.  The term racist is used to completely discount every issue.  Don’t agree with the President?  Racist.  Don’t agree with AZ’s immigration law? Raacist!  Don’t agree with unlimited welfare? Raaacissst.  Don’t support green initiatives?  Racist.  Vote *gasp* Republican?  raaaaacisssst.

If your grassroots group is not a uniformly multicultural multi-ethnic melting pot (actually the less white people the better) then you absolutely positively must be racist.  

We all fall into this trap.  The white demographic in this area of the country is around 75%, therefore 75% of all the people in any given group ANYWHERE around here could be assumed to be caucasian non-spanish.  Instead, unless we can show a picture of just how many skin tones were at a Rally, we are apparently proven to be Racists.  To hear the loons tell it we are all marching in sheets carrying burning crosses.

It has gotten to the point that even advertisers are beginning to poke fun at our hyper-racialism.  The new ads for the young ladies kotex has a beautiful young lady stating that she was picked to be the spokesperson because of her beauty and her indeterminate ethnicity so as to appeal to a wider audience..and blah blah blah…

What this does is point out that there is a LOT of thought given to race when products are designed and advertised.  I refuse to believe this sells more feminine hygiene products, cheeseburgers, or even TV shows.  But do believe the more we market to groups and the more we divide people up and check people off the worse the situation becomes, not better.

When I was a kid I watched Family Ties, not because they were white, but because Michael J. Fox was fantastic as Alex P. Keaton.  I watched The Cosby Show, not because they were black but because it was a great show.  When I was young I watched The Jeffersons, and Diff’rent Strokes, and Sanford and Son, and the Dukes of Hazard, Magnum PI, A-Team, Knight Rider, Simon and Simon. I got older and watched Arsenio Hall, not because he was black, but because he was better than Leno or that other idiot, for a while. I watched In Living Color instead of Sat Night Live.  I loved Home Improvement.  Color did not play into my TV watching habits, quality of the show and its relevance to me or its entertainment value did.  On another note, I can promise you, I never bought (or begged my mom to buy) a happy meal because of the color of the little kid in the commercial (usually it had more to do with Lego’s), ditto with breakfast cereal.

Little Cousin’s point was, when diversity just happens, it is diversity.  When Diversity is forced, it is someone else’s opinion of diversity, and I will add, it is certainly not the product of any diversity of thought.  Until the never-sufficiently-to -be-damned Liberal left quits using Racist as every other word, as a be-all and end-all to any disagreement, we will never be post racial.  We must not allow them to drag us into showing our “diversity” credentials at every turn.  I think from here on out the proper response to any cry of RAAACISSST should be, “that is absurd, how dare you bring race into the argument in order to obfuscate the true issue, I will not devolve into that type of hateful rhetoric, you debase yourself” – and if nothing else, they will just call us stoopid while they try to google the definitions to “obfuscate”, “devolve”, “rhetoric”, and “debase”.

Multiculturalism – Where ‘zero tolerance’ unity of thought results in diversity of color, welcome to 21st century Amerika.


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