April 13, 2010

Andy Stern to Resign as SEIU Head


Via and with a big H/T to: Reaganite Republican  I don’t visit the Reaganite often enough.  Was perusing this morning and caught this:  Purple People Beaters

The disturbingly influential head of the Purple People Beaters is planning to step-down (in 2012), according to Politico- this of course comes as a surprise, right at the peak for this power-hungry rabble-rouser .  Strange it is... so what's he up to?- best to keep an eye on this one

Reaganite Republican: Andy Stern to Resign as SEIU Head

Left this as a comment, and it sums up my opinion.

Cockroach  It is not likely that Stern is going to be given a MORE high profile position. The reason he is probably moving/changing is because he has been shown to be too HIGH profile already. These people do their work in the weeds under the cover of darkness, A la Van Jones.  They cannot stand the sunlight. He has been caught out in the sun and widely reported as being the most frequent visitor to Chairman Zero's throne room. He is just going to go back underground. He may be moved to a liberal policy think thank, or may be called back to the mother ship at the Soros Foundation, or create a new evil organization.  That is what they do. Old Hippie Rabble Rousers never die they just create new organizations and rebrand themselves. That is what they have done since the sixties.


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