April 29, 2010

Women to Start Serving on Submarines.

FOXNews.com - Women to Start Serving on Submarines, but Not Everyone's On Board

Read the whole article here.  I am not a misogynist, or a bigoted sexist.  Women can and do perform 99% of all jobs in the world as well as men, and the opposite is true as well.  But I feel this is a severely ill conceived, bad, idea, below are some excerpts from the article.

Another exclusive "men's club" is about to go coed: The U.S. Navy will soon allow women to serve on submarines…

Quotas and basically Affirmative action, which I am always against.

…But now, with the introduction of its new Trident guided missile submarines -- subs as large as the defensive ballistic missile submarines but outfitted to carry out offensive missions -- the Navy says it finally will be able to offer women both privacy and a viable career path.  (-because the Navy is here for you, not the other way around)

85 Mk VII Mod 0 Torpedoes …Check

5000 rounds ammo ball type .30 Ca….check

128 MkII Mod 3 Life Preserver Orange….check

3 Officer, Junior Grade, Female…check

Just one more piece of standard equipment.  “Well captain we have almost all of the staff figured out, but we still need to fill the ship’s  standard complement of women”  And once those three are on board, If I were a woman I think I would always wonder ‘am I here because I was good, or because they needed three females per boat?’

Because a junior officer's room was designed to bunk three people, the Navy plans to admit three women -- two junior officers and a senior officer -- onto each of its eight Trident submarine crews by January 2012.

They will have to share a bathroom with nine men, but the Navy says the crew will use a simple reversible sign to indicate who is using the facilities, enabling both sexes to get the privacy they demand. No modifications required.

…The Navy hopes the penalties for "fraternizing" -- ranging from fines to dismissal and two years' confinement – will ease some of those concerns.

…One issue [the navy] is dealing with is whether the policy will carry over to the enlisted ranks, where more than 80 sailors, some as young as 17, sleep nine to a room and share two bathrooms.

"To bring women enlisted on board we'd actually have to make modifications to the ship," he said. "I can't tell you exactly what they would be, because although we're beginning to look at this, we really haven't gone far enough down the road to determine which submarines we're going to put them on and how we're going to make sure they have privacy."

The Navy says it isn't having a problem meeting its recruitment goals for enlisted sailors, so it has time to explore the issue. And it sees no better starting point than admitting female officers…

It is just simply not a smart idea.  Who does it really benefit? 24 women in the entire Navy?  Does it really increase the Navy’s capacity? I smell a rat, there is a politician at the bottom of this somewhere.

Ladies, I love you, and I value your contributions, and I am prepared to be yelled at for this… So go ahead


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