April 20, 2010

Suspension of Air Traffic Could Raise Temperatures Across Europe

Colder Hotter Volcano Jet Exhaust Jet Contrails

Found this over at Coffee Milk Conservative: Suspension of Air Traffic Could Raise Temperatures Across Europe, I just started following her blog and have added her to the blogroll.  She is a reformed Leftie, so we know it can be done. 

As the drumbeat for Cap and Tax starts up again it is important not to forget how silly the whole Anthropogenic Climate Change argument has become and this post highlights that very well.  Apparently Air Traffic cools the planet.  Who knew?  The little vapor trails off of airplanes actually make temperatures go down planet wide (OH, COME ON!)

Correlation is not the same as Causation.  Grounding planes after 9/11 did not change WEATHER and it damn sure did not change CLIMATE. Following this logic I could say this: “ I ate a peanut butter sandwich yesterday and the sun shone all day long; therefore eating PB sandwiches makes the weather sunny and bright”. Secondly the GIANT ASH CLOUD *should* make it slightly, if not quite a bit, COOLER; despite the lack of contrails off of airplanes “making it hotter” (never mind that according to their standard fantasies jet exhaust makes the planet hotter).  So I guess the question in their minds (as if they used their minds to question anything) is:  Will the Man Made warming caused by Jet Exhaust be completely counteracted by the cooling effect of the Volcano (I am waiting for them to figure out a reason for the volcano eruption to be man-caused), and will the absence of the Jet Contrail water vapor contribute to more of a warming effect that the absence of jet exhaust will contribute to a cooling effect?   OH MY DEAR LORD -

Anyway, read on:

According to a report in the UK Mail online, the widespread grounding of planes in Europe – due to the eruption of Iceland’s Mount Eyjafjallajokull – could lead to an increase in temperatures across that continent. From the article:

A study conducted after commercial flights were grounded for three days following the September 11 terror attacks found the average daily temperature range in the U.S. rose markedly - exceeding the three-day periods before and after by 1.8c. (or it could have been all that fuel that caught fire… big fire you know, could have made it warmer- hey it is more plausible than their ridiculous “theory”)
The grounding of flights in 2001 gave scientists a 'tarnished but golden opportunity' to study the impact that jet planes have on the climate. (WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER, and the answer is: imperceptible)
They matched the weather over those three days with similar weather in September over that period, and found that the difference in daily high and nightly low temperatures in the absence of planes' contrails was more than 1c greater. (also in the absence of Unicorns, meteor showers, UFO landings, all manner of things that also have no effect on the temperature)
Scientists claimed this showed that clouds formed by the water vapour in the exhaust from jet planes have a small but significant effect on daily temperatures. (one degree C = 1.8 (+32) degree F, really?  jet contrails impact national temperature daily by two degrees?)
The researchers said that in regions with crowded skies, the clouds formed by the planes' water vapour worked like cirrus clouds to prevent days from getting too hot and trapping the Earth's heat at night.

I thought the carbon emissions produced by jet fuel contributed to global warming? Now I find out that water vapor – a byproduct of jet fuel combustion – helps to moderate the earth's temperature. Do you ever get the feeling that some people want to have it both ways?

Coffee Milk Conservative: Suspension of Air Traffic Could Raise Temperatures Across Europe,

My head hurts…


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