April 15, 2010

Government can’t put a man on the moon, but can run everything else.

Space, Si


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - Call it NASA: The Next (last) Generation. The pResident is pointing America toward a new direction in space (and to those of you wondering, that direction would be DOWN just like everything else) and some heroes from NASA's long-ago glory days don't like it. The new Ares Rocket has been canceled. And the space shuttles are about to be mothballed. Instead,(in a stunning departure from his usual policies) the Obama administration wants to rely more on private companies  to fly into space over the next few years, while also working to develop a big, new government rocket ship.

- So let me get this straight. Obama believes that Government is the solution when it comes to Healthcare.  Obama believes that Government is the solution to Education.  Obama believes that Government is the solution for the banking industry.  Government is the solution to the energy industry.  Government is the solution for the auto industry. Government is the solution for charitable giving and service.  Government is the solution for the Internet.

But Government is not the solution to Space Exploration?

We can waste Government money on Turtle tunnels, Solar Panels, Cash for Clunkers,  Public Transportation, and overly intrusive census taking, and yet…it is not the Government’s job to fund Space Exploration?

Private Companies cannot be trusted with running their businesses for the benefit of shareholders and the public, but is perfectly ok dealing with the MOST TECHNOLOGICLLY ADVANCED SYSTEMS ON THE PLANET, SENDING PEOPLE TO THE MOST HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT THERE IS, AND SOLVING THE MOST COMPLICATED ENGINEERING PROBLEMS THAT EXIST?

The Space Race gave us among other things, Satellite TV and Internet, advanced Medical Imaging, The ear Thermometer, Fire Resistant Fabrics, the Smoke Detector, 3D modeling software, Cordless tools, Invisible orthodontics (thanks to Nasa’s ceramics), JoyStick Controllers, Velcro, and most kinds of plastic…

But Obama sees space exploration as a waste of money.

And honestly…why do we want to be so competitive anyway?  I mean why not let someone else have a chance?  Why do we have to be imperialists of space?  Isn’t It  more FAIR to let India, Iran, Pakistan, China, or someone else have some fun up there…


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