April 29, 2010

Puerto Rico – A New State full of Potential Progressive Voters

51 States - One Step Closer to 57

Ok, here is the quick and dirty History of Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico lies nestled right between Haiti/Dominican Republic and the British Virgin Islands.  It is in the same island chain as Cuba.  To get it in your mind right, Cuba is closest, then then Haiti/Dominican and then Puerto Rico.



Christopher Columbus landed on the island, which was inhabited by Amerindian Natives, in 1493 on his second voyage and claimed it for Spain.  Spain had it as a colony until the Spanish American war, in 1898 the United States invaded.  The US got Puerto Rico, Guam, Cuba, the Philippines in the Treaty of Paris.  They began their relationship with the US as a territory governed my Martial Law, two years later moved to mostly self governed using systems virtually identical to a State’s, In 1917 all the inhabitants became citizens of the US, they began having popular elections of representatives and gained a US style Judicial system, Under Truman they got a regularly elected governor and other trappings of statehood including non voting representatives in DC, this had the effect of changing its’ status from Territory to Commonwealth or “Free Associated State”.  All of this was paving the way for a vote for statehood, currently three different plebiscites or votes have been taken by the people and all three have failed to win enough votes to make Puerto Rico our 51st state.


Well it probably has a lot to do with getting something for nothing.  To put it another way, why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?  They have all of the benefits of statehood, with fewer taxes. 

Enter The Zero Regime…

There is a bill up for vote today to support Puerto Rico’s right to self determination.  This is on the face of it, nonsense.  Puerto Rico already has that right and has expressed itself three times to remain as it is.  BUT, just like Yesterday’s post on Amnesty and Illegal Immigration, granting Puerto Rico Statehood would win many many Liberal Progressive voters.

You doubt it?

New Progressive Party The UN is heavily involved in the push for a change in Puerto Rico’s status.     From 1952 to 2007, Puerto Rico had three political parties which stood for three distinct future political scenarios. The Popular Democratic Party (PPD) seeks to maintain the island's "association" status as a commonwealth, and has won in referendums on the island's status held over six decades since coming under U.S. control.  The New Progressive Party (PNP) (catchy isn’t it?) seeks statehood. The Puerto Rican Independence Party seeks independence.

The real clincher on this one is this:  apparently in the bills that will follow this “nonbinding” vote today is a provision to allow people born in Puerto Rico but currently living in the continental US to vote on Puerto Rico’s status.  Read it again, a US citizen, born in Puerto Rico but currently living in, say, Illinois, will be able to vote in the self determination vote for Puerto Rico.

According to the latest estimates 70%  of Puerto Ricans cannot speak English passably, and many many of the recent immigrants TO Puerto Rico have been from Central America including Venezuela and Colombia and also from Cuba. 

Now ask yourself, in a Liberal House and Senate do you think, for an instant that if Nasty Pelotox and Dingy Harry and Chairman Zero thought that the people of Puerto Rico would:

a) Vote for statehood on their own without stacking the deck and;

b) vote in any way Conservative Republican or Libertarian after gaining statehood

They would a) stack the deck and b) want there to be a vote?

So here is what I think they are up to regarding Puerto Rico, it all seems to make some sense, They have this vote to affirm Puerto Rico’s right to Self Determination.  Puerto Rico already has a constitution, a popularly elected government, follows all federal regulations, and its’ populace are all citizens.

The Current Speaker of the House, President of the Senate,  and Governor are all members of this “New Progressive Party” (although actually claim to align themselves with Republicans, lending more credence to the crazy notion that Parties really do not matter), once this sham vote takes place in congress, they will call another referendum, although this time allow anyone born in Puerto Rico no matter where they reside (or actually probably no matter if they were born in Puerto Rico or not) to vote.  Then, because there are already delegates in Congress, they will immediately ask to be seated and BLAMMO we have a 51st state.  Then these so called republicans will decide they will caucus with the Liberals and Bingo, we are back to a filibuster proof super majority. 

Heck- they might just do it without resorting to a vote.  Congress votes in a nonbinding agreement that Puerto Rico has the right to self determination, and bang the delegates are seated as senators and representatives.  Sew another star on the flag boys and girls…

So take Amnesty for Illegals, throw in Puerto Rico, and what do you have…the re-election of the most rapidly unpopular president in history to a second term.

Puerto Rico: One Step Closer to 57.  next up, Guam, American Samoa, and the  US Virgin Islands …no really…click the link.

There is a bill pending Senate approval in the United States Congress that would authorize the United States Secretary of the Interior to extend technical assistance grants and other assistance to facilitate a political status public education program in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa


Viva La Reconquesta! Arriba La Raza!


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