April 25, 2010

History Channel's "The Story of Us" and Irony

I watched the first episode of this great documentary series on the history channel tonight. It covered events leading up to the revolutionary war and it dovetails nicely with a couple of books I recently read. I find it very ironic that an otherwise entertaining and excellent series covering information that should be required material for every citizen of this country was introduced/prefaced by a man that apparently has little understanding of, or reverence for, the material itself. The series was introduced by none other than his one-ness, The pResident, chairman zero.

Secondly, does anyone else find it odd that a sitting president is endorsing a History channel documentary like Marlin Perkins hawking Mutual of Omaha insurance? What is next, selling an energy drink or some sportswear?

Maybe he should watch it instead of reading a TelePrompTer script of what one of his handlers thought a true blue USA loving American would say... You know what a good President would have actually felt and thought...

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