July 01, 2009

Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - The Improbable Truth About Politicians

Further proof that a.) I am not completely stupid/crazy or b) I am as stupid and crazy as Glenn Beck. Read my posts from back in the first month I was on here. and then read what he said on his show yesterday. Here is what I said,

“Alpha Liberals are the government type educated liberals. The new aristocracy, political class liberals. These are the Liberals who have old money and really pull the strings. They may not be nearly as vocal or in your face, but they are the ones who really stand to benefit from the Progressive movement, they are the ones that are seeking control, they are the ones who want to be the new Ruling Class. Their motivation is easy: it is power and they are going to do it through subjugation of the masses by creating an entitlement culture. In every type of government that has ever existed with the exception of when our country was founded: socialist, fascist, communist, fundamentalist, totalitarian, dictatorship, or monarchy there is a ruling elite and people who are die hard progressives, elitists, want to be a part of this class. They intend to be part of it. They are utterly convinced that they are superior and smarter and know what you need and it is for your own good. You fight these liberals in the voting booth and by somehow convincing the Omega Liberals”

“It doesn't make any LOGICAL sense. Like all this spending they have done It is not logical. They can't pay for what their spending, and they don't care. It's not about finding revenue, because history shows JFK even said the surest way to raise revenue it to lower taxes which spurs reinvestment which grows the economy which creates revenue. This is the same concept as when a store puts things on sale. They do it to move more product and generate revenue. Sure they do not makes as much per sale, but the volume makes up for it. Liberals will say that balancing the budget or paying off this spending is what they're trying to do simply because they know most people want this stuff to be paid for. People don't want huge debt, but Alpha Liberals don't care. If they cared, they would not have voted for the bailouts and the stimulus and everything else over the objection of millions of voters. What they want is to saddle the nation with debt. The idea is control. and at the risk of sounding crazier than usual i will go one step further. watch for the global cooperation on economic policy. if we go to a one world economy it is all the governments of the world collectively closing the door on choice because even the rich then have no where to go...businesses will have no choice in where or at least no benefit to invest their money elsewhere. so they will be free to raise taxes as high as they want. we are the richest nation on earth and so when the worldwide bailout happens who do you think will pay for it? google "bancor" and "unitas"”

This is what Glenn said:

“When I look at the news everyday, I wonder if it's even possible for us to unplug from common sense any more than we already have.

The one thing is that when you step back and look at the big picture, it's obvious that our politicians are either completely incompetent or dangerously evil.

Let's start in California, which, as of Wednesday, will be issuing IOUs to everyone from state contractors to college students to the disabled; $3 billion in July alone. That may work for Schwarzenegger or the weasels in Sacramento, but can construction workers or college students eat an IOU?

At least half a dozen other states face similar troubles, including Arizona, which faces a shortfall equal to almost a third of its budget.

But instead of doing the common sense thing (bringing expenses in line with revenues), the Obama administration wants these states to expand their services, particularly when it comes to health care.

You say, "But Glenn, aren't many states pushing to scale back or kill proposals to expand Medicaid?"

Maybe, but do you really think that's going to happen? Here in New York City, a third of all residents are enrolled in the program, a number that's gone way up in recent years. What politician has the spine to eliminate entitlements? And have you asked yourself if it makes any sense to push for the greatest expansion in history, even as Medicare runs out of money in eight years?

Similarly, how does it make sense when you're out of money to go to the Fed for help? It's just a giant, privately run-corporation that causes bubbles, can flood the market with money and collapse our dollar while answering to no one. How does it make common sense to not see the Fed's books? Ron Paul's "audit the Fed" bill has a majority in the House, yet Barney Frank is sitting on the bill in the House Financial Services Committee. Why? What kind of power is Barney Frank going to amass if he can enable and protect the seven most powerful people on the Federal Reserve board?

Then there's the drastically different ways our president handled two anti-American presidents. First, Iran, where we've been trying to get the ayatollah and his cronies out of there since 1979.
They rig an election, where protesters are beaten and killed in broad daylight, and Obama says nothing for two weeks. Why?

Then in Honduras, where the president tries to shred the Constitution and hijack the Republic, President Obama jumps in with Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro regime in demanding that the Honduras president be restored to power. Doesn't that constitute the exact meddling he said we shouldn't engage in when it comes to Iran?

And finally there's cap-and-trade, a complete reshaping of America. It's a $4 trillion, 1,300-page bill that hardly anyone has read that's supposed to stop the polar bears from drowning. Few seem to even be considering the life-changing ramifications, if any dissenting opinion inside the government is silenced.

We'll hear from the man at the EPA who wrote the suppressed report that shows carbon dioxide has nothing to do with the Earth's temperature. You decide if he's crazy or if he's just not saying what the administration wants to hear.

Please, please tell me I'm looking at all of this wrong. Write me, call me, tweet me. I would love to know how all of this adds up to incompetence instead of evil.

But I'm scared I'm not wrong. I go back to "The Sign of the Four", where Sherlock Holmes says, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

The truth, however improbable, is that these aren't dumb people leading us down this road; they aren't randomly throwing darts or flipping coins. Because if they were at least once in a while a dart would hit something that was good for the country. So we must eliminate that.

So what does that leave on the table? I don't know yet, but whatever it is seems to be improbable. Unfortunately, we need to start looking at that.”

Glenn Beck - Current Events & Politics - The Improbable Truth About Politicians

I think it was Glenn who recently said that he doesn’t believe there is a conspiracy that these people are all just like minded, like educated (indoctrinated) and that they are all doing this because they really believe in it…well the above thoughts he shared lead me to believe that he is changing that position.

It is really true, at some point you have to say are they really this ignorant and incompetent or is there a larger master plan they are playing to?

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