March 23, 2010

Better Late than Never : My Blogiversary


How sad is it when you are late to your own blogiversary?

March 11, 2009 this obsession started, with this post. 

Yep, it was actually March 11th not the 1st, because I went back later and back dated some of the old emails I had been sending to people.   I am the only blogger I ever heard of that didn’t start with one post but started with 26.  Yep.  My first day on the web I started by uploading 26 of my ranting rambling emails that I had sent to friends and family (slightly edited).

Anyway, I have made a lot of friends, my writing has improved, I have learned a lot,  it has been good for my sanity, and I am proud to be in the fight.  Let’s hope that in the next few years the tone of the whole thing can change to be a celebration of the triumph of the principles that made this country what it USED to be.


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