March 22, 2010


Atlas Shrugged I heard it all night last night on the radio and on the TV.  Bart Stupak: Courageous.  Bart Stupak: Fought a good Fight.  Bart Stupak…blah blah blah.I heard Basketball analogies, I heard football analogies… He couldn’t finish, he choked at the end.

NUH. UH.  No Sir, No Sir.

It doesn’t take courage or fortitude to say you are going to go against the grain and then wilt as soon as it comes time to vote.  That is just typical Washington Flippity Floppin.  He could have stood firm right up until they called his name for the vote, and as soon as he said “aye”  he was a pusscake.  Plain and Simple.

He talked a good talk and when it came time to put up or shut up, he shut up.  He cut bait, he got off the pot…whatever.  This is the BIGGEST problem with the choice in a candidate, they ALL talk good.  I want one who will do the right thing, even if no one is watching.  That is called Character, an adjective Stupak lacks.

Stupak: Quitter. Loser. Weak. Coward. WEASEL. 


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