March 16, 2010

These are the people who will decide our fates on Healthcare

The list below is sorted by state, if you have a congress critter on this list burn up the phones, email, Faxes, Go in person, send smoke signals, DO SOMETHING.  They either plan to vote yes or are undecided (meaning they are holding out for more bribery and graft).  These are the people who hold our short term fates in their hands.  I am confident, and grow more confident every day, that if healthcare passes the DemocRats will definitely lose the majority in November, and if healthcare loses the DemocRats will likely still lose the majority in November.

Congressperson State District 11/7/09 Vote YES UNDECIDED
Berry AR 1 Yes   x
Giffords AZ 8 Yes   x
Kirkpatrick AZ 1 Yes   x
Mitchell AZ 5 Yes   x
Cardoza CA 18 Yes   x
Costa CA 20 Yes   x
Markey CO 4 No   x
Boyd FL 2 No   x
Kosmas FL 24 No x  
Barrow GA 12 No   x
Boswell IA 3 Yes x  
Ellsworth IN 8 Yes   x
Hill IN 9 Yes x  
Schauer MI 7 Yes x  
Childers MS 1 No   x
Pomeroy ND AL Yes   x
Heinrich NM 1 Yes x  
Teague NM 2 No   x
Titus NV 3 Yes   x
Arcuri NY 24 Yes   x
Bishop NY 1 Yes   x
McMahon NY 13 No   x
Murphy NY 20 No x  
Owens NY 23 Yes x  
Boccieri OH 16 No x  
Space OH 18 Yes   x
Sutton OH 13 Yes   x
Wilson OH 6 Yes   x
Schrader OR 5 Yes   x
Altmire PA 4 No x  
Dahlkemper PA 3 Yes   x
Kanjorski PA 11 Yes   x
Spratt SC 5 Yes   x
Davis TN 4 No   x
Gordon TN 6 No x  
Tanner TN 8 No   x
Matheson UT 2 No   x
Connolly VA 11 Yes   x
Nye VA 2 No   x
Perriello VA 5 Yes   x
Baird WA 3 No   x
Obey WI 7 Yes   x
Mollohan WV 1 Yes x  
Rahall WV 3 Yes   x
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