March 03, 2010

Obama Enlists Empathy Inducers to Flood Talk Radio

The freakshow that is the Obama administration continues to sink to creepier new lows. They have set up a website designed to encourage their followers to flood talk radio with personal stories. They instruct them to tell "personal" stories illustrating how lack of health care coverage has had an impact on the lives of themselves, friends and family. The website gives them appropriate questions to ask and specific talking points.

You can visit the website at Radio Barack Obama . Yeah, they are still using his name as a promotional gimmick. I can guess this is only a selling point with the diehard kool-aid drinkers at this point.

They've broken it down into three easy steps. It is a clear of an admission as we will ever get that, as far as Obama supporters go, keeping it simple is mandatory. These are many of the same people who couldn't maneuver the Palm Beach butterfly ballot and inadvertently voted for Pat Buchanan instead of Al Gore in the 2000 election.

The three steps basically tell you, the moonbat, to 1. listen 2. use the approved agit pop supplied by the Obama administration on the website when calling and 3. to report back to the Obama administration what your experience was. There is a bunch of other propaganda for the already seriously deluded, some disclaimer that the website was powered by "hope" and ofcourse, the ever popular, Obama logo.

Creepy. Sad. Pathetic. Desperate. Inappropriate. All adjectives that come to mind.

It brings to light the modus operandi of the Democratic party, though. It's the psychology behind the token victim in every debate or State of the Union address. People prone to emoting hear the tale, see the ad, their mirror neurons fire and they feel empathy. They feel inclined to vote Democrat, support Oprahite policies or, at minimum, become too intimidated to refute them. They want everyone to believe they are caring people. Hence flooding talk radio with sob stories.

Do those ascribing to leftism have a sort of addiction to the feeling of an empathy induced need to act and then having it satisfied by doing a sort of symbolic act? Is this why they spend time trying to conjure up feelings of empathy for distant people that they can "fix". Is this why they do not seem to give one iota that the cures are so many times worse than the conditions?

That would explain a lot of otherwise difficult-to-understand behavior by the left: (1) the obsession with "caring" and "commitment", (2) the support of candidates and laws that have nothing to do with fixing the "crisis" (3) ritual, symbolic acts that make them feel they have helped the distant people or things ( meetings), sitting naked in trees in Berkeley (here, the target of empathy is a tree), buying carbon credits (here, the entire earth), voting for a democrat; and (4) the conviction that anyone who does not agree that their symbolic acts are stupid and morally inferior.

Ofcourse, the use of this website to power that addiction to empathy and try and spread it upon the saner faction of the population is just politics as usual. A president afraid of talk radio stooping to new lows of using his less than stable base to do his bidding.

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