March 11, 2010

Jack Goodman: Candidate for Congress Missouri's 7th Congressional District

Via BBCW: March 2010

[Snip]One of the challenges for Goodman as a candidate in the Seventh District race is the fact he is one of two men considered to be a politician in a year when anger is directed at the politicians. When I met Mr. Goodman for lunch today and an interview, he comes across as more of a citizen legislator than career politician.

Goodman points out he has always fought for the people of his district. He took on the House speaker over unfair zoning laws. He believes Southwest Missouri needs to look at his experience as a positive and proof he will fight for the the vision our founding fathers established in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. …read the rest of the BBCW post here

So let’s look at Goodman on the issues…and compare them to My Positions


Jack is pro-life. He strongly believes in protecting life at all stages, especially those who cannot defend themselves…  

Federal Budget

Federal spending is out of control…. Jack’s record proves he believes in and will vote for limited government and lower taxes.Thumb

Spending our way out of this current economic situation is not feasible…Jack … believes conservatives must pursue a definite course and not simply be just a little less liberal than the liberals.


Jack believes the federal appropriation process is terribly broken and must be reformed. Not only does the process lack the accountability and Thumbtransparency the American people deserve, it promotes the vulgar spending of taxpayer money that his given Washington its lousy reputation. Jack proposes a moratorium on earmarks and will call on ALL members of congress and candidates to do the same until real reform can be implemented in the system. [sounds nice…won’t ever happen, this is all a little pie in the sky, but ideologically sound in pricinple]

Second Amendment

Jack is a strong supporter of the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment. Jack was instrumental in helping to pass Missouri’s concealed carry law. He also wrote and sponsored Missouri’s version of the Castle Doctrine, which Thumballows homeowners to fully protect themselves against unlawful intruders. Jack is a proud member of the NRA with an A+ rating. Jack believes there should be no further encroachment on our right to keep and bear arms.

National Security

Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous world. We cannot make friends with those who have sworn to kill us. Jack will fight to provide all necessary Thumbresources to the men and women of our armed forces who lay their lives on the line everyday to protect the American way of life against terrorists and other threats. [No real position given on the wars]

Securing the Border and Immigration

There are many good people around the world who would like to enter our country legally and follow our rules. Jack welcomes all people who want to legally, productively become a part of the greatness of America. Thumb
Those who enter the country illegally should not be rewarded for breaking the law. Jack is opposed to amnesty. He will fight for additional funding for border security and training for border patrol agents.

Energy Independence

Energy policy is a national priority. …Congress must open up domestic Thumbsupplies of energy to exploration and encourage next generation coal, nuclear, wind, hydroelectric power and other energy sources if we are to reduce dependence on foreign oil. .


Jack believes there is a general consensus on the principles that Americans are looking for in any health care reform proposal: affordability, Thumbaccessibility, choice, and quality. He strongly believes that putting individuals, families, and doctors, not the government, in control of the healthcare system is the key to success.


Jack supports returning control of our children's education to those who understand their needs the best - parents and our local educators. Family Values

Seems like he talks the talk.  Curious to see what else we learn about him.


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