March 03, 2010

Billy Long is Wrong

Billy Long is Wrong: With Regret: Discovering the Ugly Side of Politics on a Personal LevelBilly Long is Wrong Below is a repost from our good friend Clay’s, the purveyor of BBCW, other website covering Billy Long.  Billy Long is a candidate in the Mo-7 race for Roy Blunt’s soon to be vacated seat. This race is shaping up to be HOTLY contested.  Billy Long has been a front runner in the race…up until this latest shenanigan (hopefully).  Billy Long is a wealthy businessman who plays the “Aw Shucks good ol’ boy” but  he appears to be as “crooked as a sidewinder”   Or  “Crooked as a Dog’s Hind Leg”…or for those of our readers not from the south that would be… “unethical”. 

Clay was feeling sort of mean spirited because of his pretty astringent coverage of Billy Long Bad for Missouri Billy Long’s campaign so far, he was just about to extend an olive branch…when BLAM! all of Clay’s suspicions and suppositions turn out to be SPOT ON regarding the W.I.Q., that would be Weasel In Question, Billy Long; who has aspirations of joining all the other “ethically challenged” Weasels in the District of Criminals.

The fact is, Billy Long proved he is WRONG for the position of representing us. Billy Long is Wrong For Missouri.  Billy Long proved he is unethical.  Read the post below and you will understand why; the days where you can Bribe, Blackmail, Extort, and generally Payola your way to office are OVER if we of the Pro-Liberty Coalition have anything to say about it…

Billy Long Is Unethical In case your were wondering I repeated Billy Long’s name several times in this post to get the Search Engines to crawl this hot breaking Billy Long News faster about how Billy Long is Wrong for Missouri, and how Billy Long is Unethical, and How Billy Long has no business in Washington. I also want to mention that if things work out I will be in Ozark tomorrow night and will hopefully be able to report how Billy Long is a Weasel, Billy Long, Billy Long, Billy Long…

With Regret: Discovering the Ugly Side of Politics on a Personal Level

When I decided to challenge Billy Long’s candidacy for Congress, I hoped that I could encourage the debate of the important issues that face our country and our lives with a focus on the preservation of our Constitution. I saw the massive amounts of money Mr. Long was collecting and feared money would be the deciding factor in this election. As someone concerned for the future of our great Republic, I hoped for better.
This is the reason I decided to challenge Mr. Long. Even if he won the primary, I knew Southwest Missouri would be better off because of the push for a real debate to bring out the best candidate. I never intended this to be a witch hunt. I have spent many hours listening to what Billy Long was saying, and I grew more concerned over his candidacy.
It should be no surprise the Web site ‘” was having an impact in the way his campaign was run and possibly the shaping of the race in August. It was my wish to bring about an issues focused campaign that looked beyond the free t-shirts and bumper stickers at the meet-and-greets and the high tech billboards along Southwest Missouri roadways with Mr. Long’s campaign colors. With lots of regret, we may never dive into this seventh district race with a push for the real issues to be addressed.
After seeking counsel through friends, family, religious leaders, and journalists, and considering all the factors that may affect the lives of many people, I have decided to come forward in hopes that my actions will return ethics to Southwest Missouri politics and possibly politics in Washington as well.
I attended the Joplin Federated Republican Women’s meeting on March 2, 2010 at Pizza by Stout. The featured speakers of the event were candidates running for Missouri’s Seventh Congressional District seat now filled by Roy Blunt. After the meeting was over, Billy Long quickly approached me and asked me if I would be willing to sit down and discuss his campaign and my views of his candidacy over a cup of coffee.
While I will leave most of the details of the conversation off the record for now, I was surprised and disgusted by what took place towards the end of our conversation. My wife had just joined us after leaving the meeting room and sat down at our table, and I continued my conversation with Mr. Long listening to him react to the Long is Wrong Web site. I had raised some Constitutional concerns in our conversation about his candidacy, and I had pointed out a few of the great American tales that drive my passion for the Constitution. Mr. Long tells me he is impressed with my knowledge and that I would make a good addition to his own campaign. He asks me to consider it. He then tells me that if I stop doing what I am doing, referring to the Long is Wrong Web site, that I could have a position in his campaign.
I cut the conversation short after this, and as we got up to leave the table, Mr. Long once again invited me over, this time using a Star Wars reference asking me to join the ‘dark side’ (sic).
It is with great sadness that I discuss this today. All I hoped for was to raise the debate in Southwest Missouri to a higher level that directed our country in the right Constitutional direction. Instead, I am having the deal with what I feel is a bribe, to get me to remove the Long is Wrong Web site. This is not what I wanted to bring about in the seventh district. In fact, I have a heavy heart even discussing this as I was exposed to the dirty truth of politics in America today on a personal level by a man who claims a vote for him is a vote to send a citizen to Washington.
I wish I had never sat down and had coffee with him. I hate the position he has put me in, and I hate how this feels inside.

Billy Long is Wrong

Keep your chin up, Clay


NO Billy Long For Congress

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