December 31, 2009

Western Hero: Flying Naked: TSA Goes Hardcore


Flying Naked: TSA Goes Hardcore

** CAUTION:  Unhinged DeviledEgg Rant! **
TSA (Thousands Standing Around) now get to check out naked chicks in between wanding old ladies and releasing classified manuals on-line
All because Western Civilization doesn't have the collective testicular fortitude to tell suspected barbarians they can't fly.  That and the fact that incompetent bureaucratic boobs didn't have the foresight or initiative to merge the terrorist database with the no fly list.
Flying is not a right, it is a privilege, like driving.  You meet a certain profile, you don't fly.  Period.  Ride your goat, Ahmed!

The Founders set up a government to protect the liberties of free and moral people.  We lock bad people up so good people can go about their lives without facing TSA screenings at the grocery store.  People who criminally misbehave are removed from civilized society so good citizens can proceed with their liberties and human dignity intact.

We fail at the global level
We should not be letting bad people from uncivilized areas cross the pale into the civilized world and then be at liberty to smash and slash and burn.  But it's too late now, the barn door's been open for 50 years, so the next step is profiling.
Ordinary American citizens should be presumed innocent until proven guilty
Foreigners who fit certain profiles (based on country of origin, travel habits, etc) should be presumed suspicious until demonstrating credentials to the contrary.  Go stick a wand up their wazoos and leave Americans with a clean background alone!

Outsource Homeland Security to the Professionals

While a rabid, identifiable group loudly foams at the mouth in murderous hatred of the west, TSA (Thousands Standing Around) focuses on Grannies with walkers and children in strollers.  The cheapest and best thing we could do to keep ourselves safe would be to outsource "Homeland Security."  Fire the overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats and turn over airline safety to people who know how to get it done:  The Israelis.

The Piddle Class Speaks

For a European-style, piddle down your leg, violate our rights, anything to make us feel safe perspective, read this Wapo Editiorial, where they beg for more strip searches and human cattle drives at our nation's airports.  I won't besmudge my blog by repeating any of it here.
Real Men Don't Pull Punches
Here are my favorite comments on the subject.  They've said it so much better than I can:

Tunku Varadarajan (Cool name, even cooler beard)

instead of denying my 10-year-old boy the right to take a pee when his destination is a whole hour away, why can’t we be radically more careful about those we let on board our planes?
Abdulmutallab’s name was not on the terrorist “no-fly” list, which has fewer than 4,000 names in total. It was, however, on a larger database of some 550,000 individuals, called TIDE (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment)—and it was inserted there, it seems, only last month. Why is anyone on this list allowed to board a plane to the United States? (Daily Beast - Tunku Varadarajan)

Christopher Hitchens (My all-time favorite atheist lefty)

Why do we fail to detect or defeat the guilty, and why do we do so well at collective punishment of the innocent?
The answer to the first question is: Because we can't—or won't. The answer to the second question is: Because we can.
The fault here is not just with our endlessly incompetent security services, who give the benefit of the doubt to people who should have been arrested long ago or at least had their visas and travel rights revoked.
It is also with a public opinion that sheepishly bleats to be made to "feel safe." The demand to satisfy that sad illusion can be met with relative ease if you pay enough people to stand around and stare significantly at the citizens' toothpaste.  (Christopher Hitchens - The Truth...)

Western Hero: Flying Naked: TSA Goes Hardcore


December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, my Christmas prayer

I try to keep this blog secular for what I feel like are good reasons, but I have my beliefs and at this time of year I am making an exception. I have had this poem for a long time, I have changed it slightly for the times and audience.

A Christmas prayer:

I ain't much good at prayin', and
You may not know me, Lord--
I ain't much seen in churches where they preach Thy Holy Word,

But You may have observed me out here on the lonely plains,
A watching over folks, and feelin' thankful for our gains

In awe of Thy great handiwork, and the miracles that you have wrought
Aware of Thy Great Spirit in the battles we have fought

Soothed That common men with the ideas they defend
Can look up at the stars at night and know they've got a Friend.

So here's ol' Christmas comin' on, remindin' us again
Of Him whose comin' brought goodwill into the hearts of men

You know I ain't no preacher, Lord, but if You'll hear my prayer,
I'll ask as good as we have got for all men everywhere.

Don't let no hearts be bitter, Lord; don't let no child be cold.
Make easy beds for them that's sick, and them that's weak and old.

Let kindness bless the path we trod, no matter what we're after,
And sorta keep us on Your side, in tears as well as laughter.

I've seen folks a-starvin', and it ain't no pretty sight:
Please don't leave no one hungry, Lord, On Thy good Christmas night--

No man, no child, no woman, and no critter on four feet--
I'll aim to do my best to help You find 'em food to eat.

I'm just a common sinner, Lord,--ain't got no business prayin'--
But still I hope You'll catch a word or two of what I'm sayin':

We speak of Merry Christmas, Lord; I reckon You'll agree
There ain't no Merry Christmas for those that ain't free.

So one thing more I'll ask You, Lord: just help us what You can
To save some seeds of freedom for the future sons of man.

-Merry Christmas to all my friends and fellow bloggers. Leave the politics alone, spend this time with loved ones. After all what is the point of all this without our families and friends?

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December 24, 2009

Marinate on this a moment

If you don't buy health insurance once, it is a misdemeanor. Second time...misdemeanor.
Third time? Felony.

Convicted felons lose right to vote... And the right to bear arms.

I am just saying.

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Comrade Mao says merry Christmas

At first I thought "you have got to be kidding me". Then I thought "why does this surprise you?". And then I thought " well, if anyone needed any more proof that he is a narcissistic communist bastard, here it is; and if this don't convince you then you are a hopeless moron".
Yes, that is right, christmas ornaments on the white house tree with chairman Mao's face. Christmas ornaments on the white house tree with chairman Zero's face pasted pn mt. Rushmore. Read it and weep or read it and gag.

Fox News: White House Christmas Decor Featuring Mao Zedong Comes Under Fire

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While we slept by Feed your ADHD

I am reposting this because I could not express what I am feeling any better. Dr. Dave, aka Snarky Basterd, already did the work for us.
Feed Your ADHD: while we F****** slept.

While we slept this morning, the real mobsters, the ones dishing out and accepting bribes in the District of Criminals, completely fucked our country along straight party lines (60-39) … with the first vote on Christmas Eve in more than a century.
Atlas just shrugged.
And the funny thing is, we didn’t sleep. We marched on our capitol buildings during the spring, leading up to TEA Party day on April 15. We screamed during townhall meetings and at local Congressional and Senate offices all summer long. We marched on Washington a million-plus strong in September. We stormed Congressional offices in the fall. We added more than a million signatures to a petition to Congress to stop this madness. We phoned and we blogged and we emailed and we snail mailed and we faxed and we twittered and we bled patriotism, pleading with them:
And they didn’t hear a fucking thing.
I don’t know how much more awake we could have been. I don’t know how much louder we could have screamed. I don’t know how many more ways we could have made our opposition known.
In the end, it didn’t matter. They think they know better than us. And now it’s done.
And that’s fine. Let them have their perceived notion of power. Let them slink back home for Christmas and get drunk on the stinking fumes of their “victory.” Let them dance wildly in the shimmery mirage of the “history” they’ve made.
Because now the real fight begins. The fight for November 2010 and 2012 and every forthcoming election thereafter. The fight to send these fuckers back to their homes, tattered and broken, never to be heard from again.
Be bloody angry. Let it burn in you. Let it harden your resolve. Use it to carry on and maintain your focus. Keep it close and keep it ready for when you need it, for when it will be your time to have your voice truly heard.
Get out your checkbooks and give to the organizations that will try to stop this un-Constitutional legislation in the courts. Beat the bushes and find real conservative candidates who are truly willing to honor the Constitution and write them checks and speak out on their behalf.
Then, when the time comes, scream so loudly with your finger in the voting booth that the Socialists will be shocked when the 7 p.m. newscasts declare them extinct.
We’re coming for you, fatcats. Enjoy your good times. Your days of thievery are done. Forever.

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December 22, 2009

Claire McCaskill: Obama’s Joker / 2nd Worst Senator

 The boys from Boystown at Hillbuzz are really gaining points with me.  Anyone who dislikes Claire automatically gets points in my book.  They already came out of the closet, now if we could just get them to out themselves as Conservatives and quit all this Hillary Loving I could really start to like them.  This is from them VIA GatewayPundit

Every Democrat who votes to ration healthcare is a Joker





This image should be put everywhere possible throughout Missouri for the next two years

Claire McCaskill, the second worst Senator alive today, is stirring rebellion in Missouri. 

Across the state, images of Claire Bear as The Joker are popping up…caused by Missourians angry at her refusal to stop the government rationing of healthcare through Harry Reid’s dead of night, top secret, forced legislation.

Every single Democrat voting for this monstrous bill is a Joker. 

This is not how legislation should be passed.  This is not the American way.  This is how the Soviet Union and banana republics operated. 

McCaskill is not up for re-election until 2012, but we hope Missouri does not forget what she has done by then.  (we must never Forget)

We are all Batman today…and need to work hard to put McCaskill and her band of thugs out of business in 2010, 2012, and 2014…until every last one of The Gang of 60 is defeated. 

Every. Last. One. Of. Them.


UPDATE:  Some of you wonder why Claire McCaskill is now just the Second-Worst Living Senator.  Previously, she has been listed as the Worst Living Senator in our book.  Harry Reid, in our opinion, nudged her out of her title a few weeks back when he started calling opponents of Healthcare Rationing RAAACISTS, and said that opposing what he was doing with this secret, middle of the night legislation was tantamount to supporting slavery.  That is so wrong, so inappropriate, and so patently INSANE that we couldn’t help but list him as the Worst of the Worst.  McCaskill will, no doubt, regain her title in November 2010 when Reid is booted from office…and she will retain that title until she, too, is removed from the Senate in 2012.


Keep up the good work Boys


December 21, 2009

Claire McCaskill healthcare vote

Claire Bear Voted yes on cloture of healthcare debate with all the rest of the never-to-be-sufficiently-cursed-and plagued-socialist democRats

May you get unceremoniously ousted in 2012.

I loathe you.

You. suck. ( fill in the blanks)

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Healthcare cloture passes on the senate

Two more cloture votes. So sixty hours from now , possibly more. But not less. There will be a final passage vote in the senate. Then In January the house comes back and the damn thing will go to conference committee and then sometime late January the final die will be cast and if it passes that our time will begin running out.
At least it was 60/40 not one single Republican. So it is all on those clowns' heads.

Yes it is that dire and that simple.

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December 20, 2009

I Believe: my guest post at LCR

Click here to see this post at LCR Guest Post at leftcoastrebel "I Believe".

LCR note: Sundays here will feature something new - a guest post or two from a favorite site or someone up and coming. If you wish your site to be covered this way either email me or leave a comment during the week. Today I bring you a great piece from KOOK's Manifesto. I met KOOK and his compadres when I first started blogging, I have noticed that as of late he has really ratcheted up the content and specifically his writing at his site. It reminds me of when I really started to get a fire in the belly with LCR....

Check 'em out and add the site to your blogroll!

by R.B. at KOOK's Manifesto

I believe that there is both Good and Evil in this world. I believe that if there was no evil then laws and government would be unnecessary. I believe that all people are born and have the right to be free. I believe that life is, or should be, a meritocracy. I believe in hard truths; while all life should be valued, and everyone should be given the same opportunity, we are all different, with different levels of ability and motivation, and so our results will vary in our
individual pursuit of happiness.

I believe that the proper role of government is to ensure equal opportunity but not equal outcome, and to protect us from those who scoff at the rule of law, nothing more. I believe that what someone works for should, by and large, be theirs to do with what they desire. I believe that I can make the best choices for me, or should be allowed to try, even if someone else thinks they could do better. I believe in helping my fellow man, if he is willing to help himself.

I believe that this Nation was founded on these beliefs that

I hold dear, and although it has made mistakes it is the best place on earth to prosper. I believe that overall we have been a force for good in the world. I believe that if you are a productive person, and have a desire to emigrate here, and join us, and meld your customs and beliefs into the melting pot then we should welcome you with open arms and make it relatively painless to join our citizenry.

I believe that if you want to come here to abuse our citizens, scoff at our laws, set up miniature nations within our borders; live here while refusing to assimilate, then you should stay where you are, or go back to where you were.

I believe that this nation was founded on a premise of tolerance, specifically, although not limited to, tolerance of religion and one’s right to worship how one wants. I believe in that concept, until people of a certain ideology begin to wage war on everyone who does not believe similarly. I believe that when that happens tolerance should give way to Justice.

I believe that our uniqueness in history has positioned us to be the most powerful, free society the earth has ever known. I believe that if we value this freedom we should viciously defend it from all enemies; both those within our borders and those from abroad . I believe that by projecting strength we will be able to be left in peace. I believe that other nations should see that we are not a nation to be pushed.

I believe that as a nation of sovereign states we should always view foreign policy as it pertains to domestic prosperity. I believe that we have the right to look out for our best interests, treating other nations with the same rules as we treat each other. I believe that among these rules are fairness, respect, and honesty. I believe that if we do not show that, although we are benevolent , we are not cowardly; other, lesser, nations will always seek to bring us down. I believe that war is the most terrible thing man has invented; but that it is sometimes necessary as the only communication that madmen and tyrants understand. I believe that once committed to by those in power, the running of the war should be turned over to the warriors. I believe that once begun, war should be brutal, violent, and waged as aggressively as possible so as to remove the enemies’ will to fight, achieving our objectives, shortening
the war, and saving lives.

I believe that you can not give to someone what they are not willing or ready to accept. I believe that many peoples of the world are not prepared to accept the responsibility for their own futures. I believe that because of this any effort at nation building will ultimately fail. I believe, that being said, any nation that throws off the shackles of tyranny should be treated as a staunch ally. I believe that any government that treats its’ citizens with a heavy fist should be viewed as we would view a
man who abuses his family.

I believe there that the capacity for people to create wealth is nearly limitless. I believe that those who toil to create it must have some motivation for doing so; namely the ability to use the fruit of their exhertions as they see fit. I believe that to punitively tax them for their success removes that motivation, and that sooner or later someone will have to pay the piper. I believe that if we fiddle while our cities burn, then we should not be amazed to find out that we are no longer a bastion of liberty and peace in the world. I believe that if we ignore our domestic extravagances long enough, that someone else will step into our place as we decay and crumble, becoming just another nation with a great history but no great future.

I believe that we have allowed a possibly well intentioned but naively ignorant minority of very active and vocal eccentrics to seep into our most sacred institutions, our schools, our media, our places of government.

I believe that these people have crept slowly, and oftentimes walked in boldly, while we ignored our duty to protect that which we enjoy. I believe that we have been blinded by our prosperity and ease of life, while this rabid radical element has consolidated its power and laid its plans.

I believe that although the storm has been brewing for perhaps two generations, we ignored the first few drops of rain and now that the storm has begun in earnest we find we do not like being wet.

I believe the only way that we will change the direction we are headed is to simultaneously seize the reins of power and begin to tear away at the false foundations they have constructed.

I believe that we must return to the fundamentals; Individual Liberty, Personal Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility. I believe we must take back our schools on the local level, teaching children where the human race has been and what has worked and what has not, including the events of the late twentieth century. I believe that we must learn from history in order to ever be successful; human learning is based on building on the lessons of the past. I believe this is what separates us from the animals, that we are able to learn from our previous generations.

I believe that in one way or another this nation is headed for major changes in this generation.

I believe that unless we, who believe as I believe, overcome our desire to “live and let live” and organize and rise up, then we will fall as a nation. I believe that those of us who believe in our own individuality are going to have to come together as a group to defend our right to be left alone. These are some of the things I believe, my HOPE is that we can do this fast enough.

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December 18, 2009

Here is Where I Score

I am playing along with The Humble Libertarian’s “How Libertarian am I” Quiz challenge.   I took most of them and below are my scores.  You should be able to click to enlarge the picture.  Most of them scored me like I thought they would; I consider myself a Constitutional Libertarian.  I am for personal liberty, but a strong military, low taxes, and limited government.  However, I know I am a bit socially conservative.  I think morals are important and I don’t favor the early sexualization of kids, or drug zombies wandering the streets.  Take the quizzes to see where you stand, then share them with the group.  I am interested in where many of my fellow patriots stand.



December 17, 2009

HillBuzz: The third day of Obamamas

I should not even have to put disclaimers up, but I am.  Yes. I am reposting a post from a blog ran by some former (and probably future), Hillary supporters.  No, I don’t love Hillary.  But I support their right to.  And I also support their loathing of Chairman Zero as well as their love of Sarah Palin.  I guess I will go ahead and mention it, before some of you visit and hate it, that yes, they are gay men.  Do I understand it? Nope.  Do I support their right to behave and live their lives as they want as long as it does not infringe on my life or the future of my country?  You damn bet.  Because as soon as we don’t, we lose.  For the record, I am against Homosexual "Marriage"(with a big caveat),  and so are they (with same caveat), I am against all forms of hate crime legislation (and I think they are too).  But I support their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Many of you may disagree with me, and that is fine, I support your right of disagreement as well.
On to an absolutely hilarious post:

The Third Day of Obamamas

Everyone sing along!
On the Third Day of Obamamas, ‘The Lightbringer” promised me:
- Three coal-producing states put out of business
- Two tubs of purple zombifying Kool-Aid
- A unicorn in an ACORN tree
For those of you who are too RAAACIST to know this, Obamamas is the new national holiday honoring our current president, Dr. Utopia, The Lightbringer.  The motto of Obamamas is not only “Jesus Who?” but “Christmas is RAAACIST And so are all you People” (C.R.A.P. for short).
Obamamas is a total C.R.A.P. holiday –  celebrated with a large aluminum Grievance Pole staged in the center of your living room.  Upon it, you will display an empty suit honoring Dr. Utopia, the Lightbringer.  You will perform various rituals around this pole every hour, on the hour, to prove how not-RAAACIST you all are.  Al Sharpton, Henry Gates, and Jesse Jackson are watching, so you best get to it.  Obamamas isn’t going to just Obamamas itself.
Anyone who can help photoshop some images to go along with the 12 Days of Obamamas, starting with “A Unicorn in an ACORN tree”, would be much appreciated

December 16, 2009

I don't even want to debate the Goracle

I just want him to answer one. Just one. Tiny. Simple. Easy. Question. To. My. Satisfaction.

And before I pose my little question let me say that it is not a particularly complex question. Surely a man with the power and wisdom that the leader of the church of global warming, the grand panjandrum of all things green, knower of all things man made and evil, keeper of the gates of cap and tax redemption, holder of the Oscar for best documentary, recipient of the Nobel peace prize, surely he of all people is qualified to answer my One. Tiny. Question.

So, ahem, here goes, "Lord Master Goracle, high priest of the church of Anthropogenic Climate Change pray tell me:

What is the correct thermostat setting for this planet?"

That is it, that is all I want to know. See, I live in southwest Missouri and being that I am rather well insulated I prefer my seasonal temps not to rise much above 85. On the low side I am prepared to go down to the teens. Now remember that the relative humidity here is rather 'moist' shall we say.

AD33 is from Florida and so I would wager that he would much prefer an overall warmer climate with less colder temperatures and although the humidity is high the ocean breeze keeps it very nice.

Kmbr on the other hand hails from sunny Arizona. She loves her tank tops and flip flops (all forty pairs or so it is my understanding) normal for her is likely to begin in the low eighties and range to well over one hundred with nearly zero humidity. That would be fairly normal for her. I would die a sweaty death living in Arizona.

Crops thrive in a warmer climate with long growing seasons. This is what humans would call a heat wave usually.

The only thing constant about our planet is change. So, what is "normal"? Was the earth normal at creation where geology suggests it was a hot volcanic maelstrom? Was it normal during the age of dinosaurs when much of North America was an inland sea? Was it normal when the wooly mammoths roamed the glaciers here in Missouri?
Was it normal in the year I was born to have almost two feet of snow in southeast Missouri? Was it normal last year when a devastating ice storm hit all of the Midwest? Will it be normal in 20, 50, or 100 years when warming period happens again? You bet it will. Because we are not even significant enough to be a speck in this universe. Despite what some overly educated morons claim I am pretty sure solar activity does play a role in the temperature of the earth.

So, Al, what temperature do you want the earth to be? How much ice pack and rainfall and cloud cover, and sunlight and darkness is the right mixture? Get back to me when the climate apostles gin up the data.

Oh I am sure you would spout off some nonsense, it is not as if you worry about being factual.

Is it really about the earth or is it because due to your bloviating and histrionics you are likely to be the first "green" billionaire?

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Climbing the Collectivist Ladder

First, it is important to point out that American ideals are the embodiment of merit based achievement. That is not to say we have not strayed far from that ideal. The American dream is a story based on merit. The idea that anyone, regardless of class, can rise to unlimited levels. To say that we have strayed from those ideals is also not to say that they are dead. They are very much alive but the understanding and appreciation of such a concept shrinks daily.

It is why Sarah Palin resonates with so many Americans. It is also why, though under false pretenses, the story line of Barack Obama resonated. Our current list of who's who is replete with examples of meritocracy, ranging from political figures, to sports figures to software moguls. The limits, as it goes, are only caused by your ability, intellect, ambition, belief in self, spirit or some combination of them. This is unique in human history where class structures were regularly fixed and individuality was scorned.

However, we need only to look to contemporary societies to see how collectivism is the antithesis to merit based achievement. In a collectivist society, the highest ideal is agreement with the system and whoever is holding the reins of power at any given time. The survivors and achievers are the chameleons as they were called in Mao's China. Patronage is rife and success, whether individual or at the corporate level, is more or less ensured by never questioning the party line and following it to the letter.

What are the casualties in such a system? Obviously the truth becomes distorted and twisted. A perfect example of this would be the state of our scientific community and the global warming hoax. Careers and reputations have been destroyed. Mediocrity and dishonesty have proven to be invaluable traits for professional survival. Again, no where was this illustrated better than in Mao's China. The favored patrons of the party were the mind numbed robots, those unable to independently think and devoid of conscience but able to maintain the party's ever changing position in the turbulent campaigns. The result was an undeniable change in the value system of the Chinese society.

We see this group think mentality in our own shackled by political correctness society. Young adults, who obviously grew up in very amoral, peer-dominated environments are ripe for such systems. Many parents feel absolutely unable to set down any moral or ethical guidelines for their kids. Of course, this may be because they have none themselves but also because they have been seeped in moral relativism. Often times, they too hold confusion on such issues. Many of them have turned their child rearing over to the “pack. It is no wonder so many of these kids live in a sort of Lord of the Flies world and scorn traditional American values.

Individuality, personal freedom and truth. These are the costs of collectivism. Coincidentally, they are three important features that differentiate the American spirt from the rest of the world.

December 15, 2009

Back to the Dilemma at hand with a new option

Let's Socialize The Kook’s age old and much mind-torturing dilemma:  When it comes to politicians; after really distilling, refracting, running it through the Gas Chromatographic Mass Spectrometer…you are really faced with (I used to say two) three conclusions. 


They are:darwin award




1.  Rampant, zealous, drooling, incompetence, of the sort not usually  seen amongst non recipients of the Darwin Award.

doom lex-luthor-20051029024319757_640wJoker
2. Dr. Doom level,  Lex Luthorian, Jokeresque,  Pure D undiluted® Evil  that usually only exists in comic books or movies.
Hale Bopp Comet Nutcase old_hippie_very_old_hippies_1   do_gooder
3. Wild Eyed, Hale Bopp, Jonestownian, Make love not war, pass the weed, galactic do gooder, know it all, True Believers in Progressivism.

My opinion on this changes daily, sometimes hourly, with the headlines. There is a strong case for option #2, but there is a logical axiom that roughly translated states “never ascribe to evil, what incompetence will answer” which strengthens the case for number 1.  However, as cynical and realistic  pessimistic as I am. One would really, really, have to stretch to believe in the enormous levels of stupidity that would be necessary to a)have people so stupid as to vote for representatives that stupid b) those people who are that stupid be able to actually find the polls be able to vote for people that incredibly stupid.  However this argument is strongly supported by the website “People of Wal-Mart”. 

At least for today, the strongest contender is Option #3.  These know it all do-gooders on a galactic scale TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY believe (well most of them anyway) that they are SUPERIOR than the Citizenry as a whole and one way of another, by hook or (mostly) by crook, they are going to do what is best for us, even if it kills U.S. (meaning us), whether we like it or not.

History, the sum of human knowledge, all logic and reason, be damned.  You see, you simply cannot use logic, reason, and finely structured arguments, evidence, or case histories to dissuade someone who is dealing purely on emotion and faith to sway them from their belief.  They have Faith, Faith in themselves and their vision, faith that they are superior and a belief that they are both correct and have have the responsibility and mandate to kill us with kindness
voldemort MAN, I still don’t know which option I fear the most, and the worst part  is…even if we beat them again this time.  We will have to defeat it again, and again, and again.  Progressivism is like the evil offspring of Voldemort, The Terminator, and the Energizer Bunny. 

Question: How many freaking times does history have to prove the fallacy of this ideaology? 

Answer: Every. Time.


Smart Grid: Smart for Whom?

 All this is taken directly from the NY Times article, if this stuff doesn’t anger and frighten you then I don’t think you are paying attention.

WASHINGTON — Millions of households across America are taking a first step into the world of the “smart grid,” as their power companies install meters that can tell them how much electricity they are using hour by hour — and sometimes, appliance by appliance. But not everyone is happy about it.

 Leo Margosian of Fresno, Calif., said his meter put July use at three times as much as last July's.

Customers in California are in open revolt, and officials in Connecticut and Texas are questioning whether the rush to install meters benefits the public.


Elizabeth Keogh, a retired social worker in Bakersfield, Calif., who describes herself as “a bit chintzy,” has created a spreadsheet with 26 years of electric bills for her modest house. She decided that her new meter was running too fast.   Ms. Keogh reported to the utility that the meter recorded 646 kilowatt-hours in July, for which she paid $66.50; last year it was 474 kilowatt-hours, or $43.37.


At one in Fresno, Calif., Leo Margosian, a retired investigator, testified that the new meter logged the consumption of his two-bedroom townhouse at 791 kilowatt-hours in July, up from 236 a year earlier. And he had recently insulated his attic and installed new windows, Mr. Margosian said.

At the urging of the state senator, Dean Florez, Democrat of Fresno and the chamber’s majority leader, and others, the California Public Utilities Commission is moving to bring in an outside auditor to determine whether the meters count usage properly.

[snip] To reduce their bills, customers could cut back at pricey peak times and shift some activities, like running a clothes dryer or a vacuum cleaner, to off-peak periods. Utilities will then have lower costs, the argument goes, because the grid will need fewer power plants as demand levels out.

Someday utilities hope to use the meter to control consumption by major appliances like air conditioners [!holy!shit!]. But experts are still debating what technical standards the meters and appliances should use to communicate.

[snip]  And with smart meters, utilities are alerted immediately if a customer’s power is out.

If a utility decides to shut off a customer for nonpayment, it can do so by remote control; if the customer pays enough money to allow resumption of service, the utility can also do that from a central office without sending out a representative. [!!! think of what else this means]


But today, reining in energy consumption is less of a corporate priority: generating capacity is in surplus in almost all parts of the United States because the recession has shuttered so many factories. And in swaths of the eastern United States, the wholesale price difference between peak and off-peak demand is far smaller lately.  [so the point of this is…WHAT?  Politics of Greed is what it is]

The long-term impact of the smart meters is uncertain. Some studies show that people use less electricity when they can see the numbers ticking higher on the meter. [no joke, and when the power company turns your heat off or your AC off because they know better, or make a mistake, or kill your grandpa when they kill the oxygen machine that is sucking up too much power oh well, you cannot possibly be expected to take care of yourself, and it sounds like even if you track and understand your usage it is going to go up anyway.  Looks like from this the rate you are charged is whatever they want it to be that minute] I guess the only question I have is, Smart Grid: Smart for WHOM?

Read the complete article below:

‘Smart Grid’ Is Making Many Households Unhappy -

December 14, 2009

The Rational Jingo: COP15 Morons On Parade

Ditto…Just Ditto… 

COP15 Morons On Parade

I am seeing pictures and hearing reports coming out of the Global Tyranny, Fake Climate Conference and I have to say, I do not know what is more bizarre: What is going on with the elites inside the conference; or what is going on with the drones outside the conference. I keep seeing signs that say "Fuck the System". Um, yeah… sparky, you are the system's wet dream walking around in Copenhagen’s drizzle all pumped up on "climate justice". Whatever that is.  Apparently this is another popular catch phrase in barista land. Someone, please, remove the word “justice” from their new unabridged PC versions of Mao's Little Red Book.

Let's keep in mind, most of these "protestors" come from Scandinavian and Western European countries. Are they really that eager to pay $50 for a hamburger? What, the $25 they are currently paying is not enough?  Who and what exactly are they protesting?

The globalist elites are there working to usher in their dream of a one world government, communist utopia. Apparently it is what they want. Stores devoid of goods to buy and lots of time off. So, why the protests? It seems they are in agreement. They wish to be subjects in a feudalist society and the UN and WTO toadies inside seek to do nothing more than accommodate their every wish. Who is it, I wonder, that they think is going to pay for "climate justice". Hint it won't be the bankers, the elites or anyone in that conference. It will be the jackasses outside the conference and their families.

I don't see the debate. What's the problem?

Maybe they need to do a better job at articulating just what it is they want and they better do it quickly. If this treaty gets signed, the days of jet setting around the globe to attend protests will be coming to a close. In fact, the days of jetting off anywhere will become so prohibitively expensive, at best they will be able to tell their grandkids about the days when air travel was cheap enough for the common man. Of course, that is if they have grandkids, with the new population controls that will come with this new unelected and unaccountable governing body.

So, when they finally get what they want: a huge, unelected, unaccountable to anyone global instrument with the full authority to control the air, the land, the sea and everything under it -- and they do not like the results, and I promise you they will not like the results, who do they complain to? How do they air their grievances? By the ballot box? The only purpose of your ballot box, anymore, is to elect figureheads that provide the appearance of a function of local government. Nope, their officials are now in offices in places far from them. They are represented by no one and must answer to governance unaccountable to anyone.

Save the world? Even if the world were in peril, it would be a better alternative than what these malcontents have planned for us. The one bright patch -- the useful idiots are usually among the first to go.

The Rational Jingo: COP15 Morons On Parade

December 12, 2009

Ruminations on Labor

I had the pleasure these past two weeks of about twenty hours of driving with only myself, the cell phone and the mp3 player for company. It is in these times when my barely conscious mind is hard at the task of driving that the really curious part of my brain takes it's own road trips. If any of you were forced, as I was, in school or college to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance you learned that it is nigh impossible to define or quantify "Quality". Quality, or Value, is really a personal measure. A Gucci handbag is worth a lot of money to a certain type of woman. It is worth less than a craftsman toolbag to me and vice versa. My grandpa taught me this years ago and yet sometimes we have to relearn things in a way that makes sense to us as we mature. Someone would say to Pa that such and such antique or piece of property or doodad was "worth" x amount of money, to which my Pa, as he is so good at doing, would smartly reply that it was worth that only if "you can get the money". What he meant was exactly what I have been saying. The only way that antique piece of furniture was worth x was if someone ELSE not only thought it was worth that, but was actually willing to pay for it. I am getting long winded before I even make my point. My "day" job is basically that of an internal consultant. Consulting is by definition when you pay someone else to tell you something you should have already known, and that is what I have been doing for the past two weeks four hundred miles from home. As I began to leave the place I have been visiting I told them I hoped the past two weeks were value added. And I really do; I hope that my efforts were not in vain and they will take my recommendations to heart and become more prosperous. Bear with me, I am getting closer to my point. What if my two weeks worth of work was not vauluable to them? I get paid the same. But what if what I said and did does not sink in? Does that make my efforts worth anything? Not to them, and if it doesn't help them them how can I take satisfaction in that? Did I work less; did I put out less LABOR?

We do not call it such but that is what the democrat party is now; the labor party. Social democrats. Socialists.
Socialist theory was the brainchild of Karl Marx. The most basic premise is that wealth belongs to the worker; or value is added only in labor and therefore the wealthy owe their wealth to labor. That is the central premise to wealth redisribution, or as like Obama likes to say "spreading the wealth around", and socialist theory; that wealth must be taken away from the wealthy and given back to the worker. I have written before about how giving something back is a fallacy and this is a natural progression of that.

Let me put it in the form of a parable. Two men set out to be farmers, they each have the same amount of land and the correct equipment and materials. They each toil day after day in the fields under the burning sun raising a crop. At the end of the season, one has a bountiful harvest and the other has a bunch of broken equipment and torn up ground and nothing to show for it. The difference is that one man had the knowledge and skills to be a farmer and the other did not. But they both LABORED equally. This to me is the root fallacy of socialism. What profit is there in hard work or being able to toil endlessly without the guidance to make something of value; to make something others see as desireable? I do not mean to lessen the contribution of people who work in manufacturing or other trades as labor, but without direction and innovation their work would have little value. That is the truth of capitalism. Which is more rare, the ability to work hard and sweat, or the ability to innovate? Any draft animal can work, but it takes direction, design, and a little vision to make something of value.

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December 11, 2009

"The Tea Party" party

Doesn't this sound great:

The "Tea Party" Is Now Official in Florida

(AP Photo/George Ruhe)
The "Tea Party" is now an official political party in Florida.

An Orlando lawyer named Frederic O'Neal has registered the Tea Party with the office of the Florida Secretary of State, Politico
reports, and intends to run candidates against both Republicans and Democrats in state and national races.

"The current system has become mired in the sludge of special interest money that seeks to control the leadership of both parties. It's time for real change," O'Neal reportedly said in a press release.

One of Florida's most prominent Republicans, Gov. Charlie Crist, already faces a conservative challenger in his bid to become the GOP's 2010 Senate nominee. Conservative Marco Rubio is gaining credibility among the state's conservatives, and has
won the endorsement of the anti-tax, pro-limited government Club For Growth.

The split among conservatives and moderates in the Florida GOP is part of a
larger debate within the party about the future of its identity.

O'Neal, the new chair of the Tea Party in Florida, reportedly compared his party to the Conservative Party in New York's 23rd District -- another example of the GOP's moderate-conservative fissure. In a special election to represent New York's 23rd congressional district, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman
drove out the local Republican Party candidate, Dede Scozzafava. The district is Republican-leaning, but the Democratic candidate ultimatelyprevailed over the Conservative in last Tuesday's election.

Even though the conservative lost in that race, "tea partiers" and other conservatives "remain convinced they're on the right side of history,"'s Charles Cooper wrote. "And in writing down their morning-after election analyses... they also delivered a hard-edged message to the Republican establishment: Get behind us or get out of the way."

The Tea Party has been registered with the state since August and is one of 32 minor political parties certified in Florida, Politico reported.
Warning: this so called "tea party" party is Bovine Scatology at it's finest. This so called party was founded by leftists in an attempt to split the votes between Independents and Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections in 2010. Do not buy into this scam or the scam artists behind it as our nation's future is at stake. They realize that polling indicates roughly 30% of Americans would vote for an independent or "tea party" affiliated candidate, 20% would vote Republican and 38% would vote Democrat. If they can capitalize on this split, the 38% voting Democrat wins, but if the 3o% and the 20% split between independent leaning and Republican leaning candidates are even close to being unified the "Party of NO" wins. Dems have used this to attack Republicans falsely since Obama's selection, and yet I believe it could be a winning idea if used properly, but that is subject matter for my next post.

December 10, 2009

Check out these Blogs

Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. That psychic discomfort is the price we pay for basic civic peace. It's worth it. It's a pragmatic principle. Defend everyone else's rights, because if you don't there is no one to defend yours. - MaxedOutMama

The Smallest Minority- This is a battle for public opinion, make no mistake.  It is a battle the powerful and their useful idiots have been winning. Your rights are meaningless when the system under which you live does not recognize them. Or worse, scorns them.  If you want to keep your rights, it is up to YOU to fight for them. Liberty is NEVER unalienable. You must always fight for it.

On the acceptance speech

Ok, Obama gives a great speech. But his happy meal toy.. er peace prize acceptance speech is just so much hogwash. He gave it but I don't believe he really believed it. If it had come from someone who had actually accomplished something great it would have been better. If only his policies were equal to his rhetoric.

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December 09, 2009

The democrats start serious infighting

The implosion is looming. The congressional black caucus is starting to feel under-appreciated.

This started with the subpoena by members of the CBC to Obama virtual family member Desiree Rogers, the social secretary over the party crashers. (which I wonder if that was not some sort of warning shot so to speak fired by the secret service...)This forced the 0-ministration to invoke executive privilege, something never done for such a low ranking appointee, so as not to have to sack her. Then, congressional black communist John Conyers began publicly bad mouthing pResident Zero. Now the CBC is holding big-0's feet to the fire, reminding him of the race baiting he promised in 2008.

The CBC is turning against him for his not giving the keys to the kingdom to every gangbanger and chronically unemplyed black person in this country. I guess the CBC expected him to put all us crackas on the fields and give every person with some coffee in their milk a Malibu beach home. I am kind of surprised he hasn't either. I am so sick of the race crap and the pc crap. How about a meritocracy?

The moderate (ha) dems are balking (supposedly) over healthcare. The raving lunatic left are as well for the opposite position. The code pinkers hate him for not giving every soldier in the world a set of bongos and enforcing the singing of cum ba ya and give peace a chance immediately. They willl never be happy unless every GI immediately surrendered themself to the nearest foreigner. The right is against him... Well basically for everything he has done.

I love it. It is about time we got one in the "W" column. No pun intended.

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