April 19, 2011

Western Hero: Push Back on the "Give Back"

Saw this this morning on the webz from our long time blog buddy Silverfiddle.  It is just great and strikes at the heart of something that has always really steamed me.  To read my previous take on it make with the clicky:  C’mon Time to Give Something Back.   Good Job Mr. Silverfiddle, you get a Kook knuckle bump of the day.

Push Back on the "Give Back"

"Give something back" is a leftist rhetorical trick designed to shame people into pouring even more money into failed state enterprises.

President Obama delivered his official response to the budget crisis: those who have benefited the most from our way of life can afford to give a bit more back. (HuffPo - Rev Al Sharpton)
What an absurd statement.  But liberalism has become an eternal fount of absurd pronouncements.
Here is the statement straight from the emperor's mouth:
"It's a basic reflection of our belief that those who benefited most from our way of life can afford to give back a little bit more."  (President Obama - RCP)
"Give back" presupposes that someone took something.  That is why it is an absurd statement.  So until demagogues like Obama can give us details on just what exactly "the rich" took from us, (and which ones?  Name names!), I'll continue to ignore them. 
Speaking of "Taking..." and "Giving Back..."
What have all those recipients of government-subsidized student loans and government grants given back?  How are welfare recipients, government housing residents and food stamp users paying us back?
At the next DC-NY taxpayer-funded orgy, Obama should ask GE CEO Jeffrey HeMelts when GE will "give back" all the damned tax money they have scammed us out of.  When will Obama-owned GM give back the $50 billion he took from us and gave them in a fit of crony crapitalism that would make FDR blush?
And didn't effete millionaire jet setters Michelle and Barack Obama use government-subsidized student loans and grants to attend Ivy League schools?  And don't those schools receive millions each year in government funds?  Have the Obama's given it back?
If liberals really want to go down this road of "give something back," we conservatives and libertarians should take them all the way.
Give Something Back?  Statists Have it Backwards
Government should give us back...
Economic liberty; incandescent bulbs; drilling permits; freedom to travel through airports without being groped, raped, scanned, fondled and strip searched;  Sane immigration policy...
What would you like to see government give back?

Western Hero: Push Back on the "Give Back"

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