usa-eagle-800 My partner in crime asked Where do you Stand on issues the other day, and it is a great question. I started to answer just to clarify MY positions and it got too long for the comment section.   For more, read I Believe

gop_logo2_bo21 When I started this blog I would have to say I thought I was what commonly passes for Republican these days. The more I have discussed and aired my thoughts here and studied and read, the more I realize I am Constitutionally Libertarian. So in a nutshell here is my stance on the issues:

Fedzilla Fiscal Policy - Leave us alone. Free Market Capitalism is the way, the truth, and the light when it comes to fiscal policy. The government is the problem not the solution. Audit the Fed, Get rid of the Fed.

Freedom of Speech, Lady Justice Freedom of speech - this means freedom of all speech even that which we disagree with and do not like or that which makes us uncomfortable. This means Fox news and even MSNBC news.

Freedom of Religion Freedom of Religion- not freedom from, even those ideologies that we do not agree with , as long as those people believing those ideologies can live peaceably with us and not blow up our planes, trains, automobiles, and buildings, or Kill our kids. Free to choose any religion, even none, realizing that this nation was founded on strong Judeo Christian traditions.

Gun Control

Second Amendment - Leave us Alone. It is plainly said in the constitution and there is a reason why. I have perfect gun control thank you: the ability to hit the target, and a good two hand weaver stance.

BABY Abortion- LIFE, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Duh. I do not know exactly where life begins, but in lieu of knowing I will side with Life. It is totally illogical to be pro-abortion and anti-KFC

taxes Taxes - will never be low enough.

reaganwelfare Entitlements - breed cultures of dependency and need to be slowly and methodically scaled back and controlled. OASDI will not be there when I need it anyway, start letting me pay for my ancestors as well as save for MY future.

Global_Warming Anthropogenic Climate Change - Good story, right up there with Hansel and Gretel and the Three Little Pigs. All three are to get children and mental midgets to do something someone else wants them to do.

Fight like the 300 Wars- IF...IF, they are important enough to fight, fight hard, win decisively and come home quickly. Strike fear into the enemies heart and break his will to wage war and you won't have as many people trying to start stuff with you.

United Nations UN - keep them here and keep an eye on them, but never take them seriously.

illegal_aliens-amnesty2 Immigration - I am for all the LEGAL immigration we can stand. I am in favor of making it easier to obtain work authorization. But the line forms over there and no cutting, the rest of you go back the the end of the line, cross our border illegally again and we will shoot you.

School Choice Education - leave my damn kid alone, you can't run the post office, DMV, balance a checkbook, read a bill, tell the truth, obey the law, or pay your taxes. Leave my Kid alone. Vouchers are a good idea, let parents vote with their feet, and their school tax dollars. Then the schools that PERFORM will SUCCEED.

Unions Unions- there was a time, fifty years ago, when Unions were a good thing. Now they are just PACs and Criminal Organizations that feed off of hard working people like a tick. They need to go the way of the dodo.

Universal Healthcare- Communism Healthcare - Leave me alone. Tort Reform, Entitlement reform, EMS reform, less insurance restrictions. That would help healthcare. What the Fed wants to do is not about healthcare or health insurance but about consolidating control and power.

tl-drill_here_drill_now_stickers Energy, for heaven’s sake drill here, drill now. All the Cars running on wishful thinking is not going to happen this decade or probably in the next two. So let's quit running ourselves into bankruptcy and prevent our economy grinding to a halt. Let's stop funding those entities which do not have our best interests at heart. Let's create some jobs in this country. No Smart grid, that is just like Government Healthcare, a joke and lever of control. Build some Nuclear power plants, they are good enough for China and France, why are they not good enough for us?


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