December 20, 2009

I Believe: my guest post at LCR

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LCR note: Sundays here will feature something new - a guest post or two from a favorite site or someone up and coming. If you wish your site to be covered this way either email me or leave a comment during the week. Today I bring you a great piece from KOOK's Manifesto. I met KOOK and his compadres when I first started blogging, I have noticed that as of late he has really ratcheted up the content and specifically his writing at his site. It reminds me of when I really started to get a fire in the belly with LCR....

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by R.B. at KOOK's Manifesto

I believe that there is both Good and Evil in this world. I believe that if there was no evil then laws and government would be unnecessary. I believe that all people are born and have the right to be free. I believe that life is, or should be, a meritocracy. I believe in hard truths; while all life should be valued, and everyone should be given the same opportunity, we are all different, with different levels of ability and motivation, and so our results will vary in our
individual pursuit of happiness.

I believe that the proper role of government is to ensure equal opportunity but not equal outcome, and to protect us from those who scoff at the rule of law, nothing more. I believe that what someone works for should, by and large, be theirs to do with what they desire. I believe that I can make the best choices for me, or should be allowed to try, even if someone else thinks they could do better. I believe in helping my fellow man, if he is willing to help himself.

I believe that this Nation was founded on these beliefs that

I hold dear, and although it has made mistakes it is the best place on earth to prosper. I believe that overall we have been a force for good in the world. I believe that if you are a productive person, and have a desire to emigrate here, and join us, and meld your customs and beliefs into the melting pot then we should welcome you with open arms and make it relatively painless to join our citizenry.

I believe that if you want to come here to abuse our citizens, scoff at our laws, set up miniature nations within our borders; live here while refusing to assimilate, then you should stay where you are, or go back to where you were.

I believe that this nation was founded on a premise of tolerance, specifically, although not limited to, tolerance of religion and one’s right to worship how one wants. I believe in that concept, until people of a certain ideology begin to wage war on everyone who does not believe similarly. I believe that when that happens tolerance should give way to Justice.

I believe that our uniqueness in history has positioned us to be the most powerful, free society the earth has ever known. I believe that if we value this freedom we should viciously defend it from all enemies; both those within our borders and those from abroad . I believe that by projecting strength we will be able to be left in peace. I believe that other nations should see that we are not a nation to be pushed.

I believe that as a nation of sovereign states we should always view foreign policy as it pertains to domestic prosperity. I believe that we have the right to look out for our best interests, treating other nations with the same rules as we treat each other. I believe that among these rules are fairness, respect, and honesty. I believe that if we do not show that, although we are benevolent , we are not cowardly; other, lesser, nations will always seek to bring us down. I believe that war is the most terrible thing man has invented; but that it is sometimes necessary as the only communication that madmen and tyrants understand. I believe that once committed to by those in power, the running of the war should be turned over to the warriors. I believe that once begun, war should be brutal, violent, and waged as aggressively as possible so as to remove the enemies’ will to fight, achieving our objectives, shortening
the war, and saving lives.

I believe that you can not give to someone what they are not willing or ready to accept. I believe that many peoples of the world are not prepared to accept the responsibility for their own futures. I believe that because of this any effort at nation building will ultimately fail. I believe, that being said, any nation that throws off the shackles of tyranny should be treated as a staunch ally. I believe that any government that treats its’ citizens with a heavy fist should be viewed as we would view a
man who abuses his family.

I believe there that the capacity for people to create wealth is nearly limitless. I believe that those who toil to create it must have some motivation for doing so; namely the ability to use the fruit of their exhertions as they see fit. I believe that to punitively tax them for their success removes that motivation, and that sooner or later someone will have to pay the piper. I believe that if we fiddle while our cities burn, then we should not be amazed to find out that we are no longer a bastion of liberty and peace in the world. I believe that if we ignore our domestic extravagances long enough, that someone else will step into our place as we decay and crumble, becoming just another nation with a great history but no great future.

I believe that we have allowed a possibly well intentioned but naively ignorant minority of very active and vocal eccentrics to seep into our most sacred institutions, our schools, our media, our places of government.

I believe that these people have crept slowly, and oftentimes walked in boldly, while we ignored our duty to protect that which we enjoy. I believe that we have been blinded by our prosperity and ease of life, while this rabid radical element has consolidated its power and laid its plans.

I believe that although the storm has been brewing for perhaps two generations, we ignored the first few drops of rain and now that the storm has begun in earnest we find we do not like being wet.

I believe the only way that we will change the direction we are headed is to simultaneously seize the reins of power and begin to tear away at the false foundations they have constructed.

I believe that we must return to the fundamentals; Individual Liberty, Personal Accountability, and Fiscal Responsibility. I believe we must take back our schools on the local level, teaching children where the human race has been and what has worked and what has not, including the events of the late twentieth century. I believe that we must learn from history in order to ever be successful; human learning is based on building on the lessons of the past. I believe this is what separates us from the animals, that we are able to learn from our previous generations.

I believe that in one way or another this nation is headed for major changes in this generation.

I believe that unless we, who believe as I believe, overcome our desire to “live and let live” and organize and rise up, then we will fall as a nation. I believe that those of us who believe in our own individuality are going to have to come together as a group to defend our right to be left alone. These are some of the things I believe, my HOPE is that we can do this fast enough.

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