December 05, 2009

Beware: Hell hath frozen over

This was a comment AD33 made to an earlier post and I thought it should be a post of its own. This is all in reference to pResident "Chairman Zero" Obamarx telegraphing his war exit strategy to our enemies. If FDR and Churhill had told the Germans the day date and time of D-day do you think it would have been successful? No. Obamarx has guaranteed our failure in Afghanistan because he has told our enemies that if they can just hold put we will leave. He might as well have bowed to them and the only reason he hasn't us because he hasn't been in the same room as any of Al Queda's leadership.

To quote Chris Mathews ( a first for this blog), "If I were Al qaeda and the Taliban, I'd circle the withdrawal date as the day to start their "surge." You know that when Chris "what's wrong with calling al Qaeda" Mathews gets it, then it must not even be to the level of common sense. So easy a caveman could figure it out. (now the cavemen won't be so offended by geico commercials as being compared to Mathews is far worse.)

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