December 17, 2009

HillBuzz: The third day of Obamamas

I should not even have to put disclaimers up, but I am.  Yes. I am reposting a post from a blog ran by some former (and probably future), Hillary supporters.  No, I don’t love Hillary.  But I support their right to.  And I also support their loathing of Chairman Zero as well as their love of Sarah Palin.  I guess I will go ahead and mention it, before some of you visit and hate it, that yes, they are gay men.  Do I understand it? Nope.  Do I support their right to behave and live their lives as they want as long as it does not infringe on my life or the future of my country?  You damn bet.  Because as soon as we don’t, we lose.  For the record, I am against Homosexual "Marriage"(with a big caveat),  and so are they (with same caveat), I am against all forms of hate crime legislation (and I think they are too).  But I support their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Many of you may disagree with me, and that is fine, I support your right of disagreement as well.
On to an absolutely hilarious post:

The Third Day of Obamamas

Everyone sing along!
On the Third Day of Obamamas, ‘The Lightbringer” promised me:
- Three coal-producing states put out of business
- Two tubs of purple zombifying Kool-Aid
- A unicorn in an ACORN tree
For those of you who are too RAAACIST to know this, Obamamas is the new national holiday honoring our current president, Dr. Utopia, The Lightbringer.  The motto of Obamamas is not only “Jesus Who?” but “Christmas is RAAACIST And so are all you People” (C.R.A.P. for short).
Obamamas is a total C.R.A.P. holiday –  celebrated with a large aluminum Grievance Pole staged in the center of your living room.  Upon it, you will display an empty suit honoring Dr. Utopia, the Lightbringer.  You will perform various rituals around this pole every hour, on the hour, to prove how not-RAAACIST you all are.  Al Sharpton, Henry Gates, and Jesse Jackson are watching, so you best get to it.  Obamamas isn’t going to just Obamamas itself.
Anyone who can help photoshop some images to go along with the 12 Days of Obamamas, starting with “A Unicorn in an ACORN tree”, would be much appreciated
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