December 03, 2009

You know it really isn't his fault

You know it really isn't his fault. I mean he was elected. He is a socialism sympathising college academian raised as a muslim, friend to terrorists and crooks brought up in one of the most corrupt political machines in the twentieth century. We have all seen that he has filled his cabinet with fellow socialcommunism loving egghead academians.

In all of his biography I find no reference to a real job. I bet most of his pals have never actually had a real job, either. He was trained to loathe the military and capitalism. So he, and none of his pals knows how to create a job. None of them know how to run a business. None of them know how to run a war.

But you really can't hate a thing that is just acting according to its nature. You can't hate a lion for eating a gazelle. You don't hate a snake for striking. You cannot hate an ivy leauge bleeding heart socialcommie egghead academian for being a socialist job killing war losing pussy. It is what they do.

Shame on every person who voted for him for being deaf ignorant myopic naive selfish morons living in some castle in the sky. After all, he WAS Elected and now we are being rewarded for his election.

We got ourselves into this mess; we have to fix it because politicians don't know how.

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