December 16, 2009

I don't even want to debate the Goracle

I just want him to answer one. Just one. Tiny. Simple. Easy. Question. To. My. Satisfaction.

And before I pose my little question let me say that it is not a particularly complex question. Surely a man with the power and wisdom that the leader of the church of global warming, the grand panjandrum of all things green, knower of all things man made and evil, keeper of the gates of cap and tax redemption, holder of the Oscar for best documentary, recipient of the Nobel peace prize, surely he of all people is qualified to answer my One. Tiny. Question.

So, ahem, here goes, "Lord Master Goracle, high priest of the church of Anthropogenic Climate Change pray tell me:

What is the correct thermostat setting for this planet?"

That is it, that is all I want to know. See, I live in southwest Missouri and being that I am rather well insulated I prefer my seasonal temps not to rise much above 85. On the low side I am prepared to go down to the teens. Now remember that the relative humidity here is rather 'moist' shall we say.

AD33 is from Florida and so I would wager that he would much prefer an overall warmer climate with less colder temperatures and although the humidity is high the ocean breeze keeps it very nice.

Kmbr on the other hand hails from sunny Arizona. She loves her tank tops and flip flops (all forty pairs or so it is my understanding) normal for her is likely to begin in the low eighties and range to well over one hundred with nearly zero humidity. That would be fairly normal for her. I would die a sweaty death living in Arizona.

Crops thrive in a warmer climate with long growing seasons. This is what humans would call a heat wave usually.

The only thing constant about our planet is change. So, what is "normal"? Was the earth normal at creation where geology suggests it was a hot volcanic maelstrom? Was it normal during the age of dinosaurs when much of North America was an inland sea? Was it normal when the wooly mammoths roamed the glaciers here in Missouri?
Was it normal in the year I was born to have almost two feet of snow in southeast Missouri? Was it normal last year when a devastating ice storm hit all of the Midwest? Will it be normal in 20, 50, or 100 years when warming period happens again? You bet it will. Because we are not even significant enough to be a speck in this universe. Despite what some overly educated morons claim I am pretty sure solar activity does play a role in the temperature of the earth.

So, Al, what temperature do you want the earth to be? How much ice pack and rainfall and cloud cover, and sunlight and darkness is the right mixture? Get back to me when the climate apostles gin up the data.

Oh I am sure you would spout off some nonsense, it is not as if you worry about being factual.

Is it really about the earth or is it because due to your bloviating and histrionics you are likely to be the first "green" billionaire?

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