December 14, 2009

The Rational Jingo: COP15 Morons On Parade

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COP15 Morons On Parade

I am seeing pictures and hearing reports coming out of the Global Tyranny, Fake Climate Conference and I have to say, I do not know what is more bizarre: What is going on with the elites inside the conference; or what is going on with the drones outside the conference. I keep seeing signs that say "Fuck the System". Um, yeah… sparky, you are the system's wet dream walking around in Copenhagen’s drizzle all pumped up on "climate justice". Whatever that is.  Apparently this is another popular catch phrase in barista land. Someone, please, remove the word “justice” from their new unabridged PC versions of Mao's Little Red Book.

Let's keep in mind, most of these "protestors" come from Scandinavian and Western European countries. Are they really that eager to pay $50 for a hamburger? What, the $25 they are currently paying is not enough?  Who and what exactly are they protesting?

The globalist elites are there working to usher in their dream of a one world government, communist utopia. Apparently it is what they want. Stores devoid of goods to buy and lots of time off. So, why the protests? It seems they are in agreement. They wish to be subjects in a feudalist society and the UN and WTO toadies inside seek to do nothing more than accommodate their every wish. Who is it, I wonder, that they think is going to pay for "climate justice". Hint it won't be the bankers, the elites or anyone in that conference. It will be the jackasses outside the conference and their families.

I don't see the debate. What's the problem?

Maybe they need to do a better job at articulating just what it is they want and they better do it quickly. If this treaty gets signed, the days of jet setting around the globe to attend protests will be coming to a close. In fact, the days of jetting off anywhere will become so prohibitively expensive, at best they will be able to tell their grandkids about the days when air travel was cheap enough for the common man. Of course, that is if they have grandkids, with the new population controls that will come with this new unelected and unaccountable governing body.

So, when they finally get what they want: a huge, unelected, unaccountable to anyone global instrument with the full authority to control the air, the land, the sea and everything under it -- and they do not like the results, and I promise you they will not like the results, who do they complain to? How do they air their grievances? By the ballot box? The only purpose of your ballot box, anymore, is to elect figureheads that provide the appearance of a function of local government. Nope, their officials are now in offices in places far from them. They are represented by no one and must answer to governance unaccountable to anyone.

Save the world? Even if the world were in peril, it would be a better alternative than what these malcontents have planned for us. The one bright patch -- the useful idiots are usually among the first to go.

The Rational Jingo: COP15 Morons On Parade

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