December 09, 2009

The democrats start serious infighting

The implosion is looming. The congressional black caucus is starting to feel under-appreciated.

This started with the subpoena by members of the CBC to Obama virtual family member Desiree Rogers, the social secretary over the party crashers. (which I wonder if that was not some sort of warning shot so to speak fired by the secret service...)This forced the 0-ministration to invoke executive privilege, something never done for such a low ranking appointee, so as not to have to sack her. Then, congressional black communist John Conyers began publicly bad mouthing pResident Zero. Now the CBC is holding big-0's feet to the fire, reminding him of the race baiting he promised in 2008.

The CBC is turning against him for his not giving the keys to the kingdom to every gangbanger and chronically unemplyed black person in this country. I guess the CBC expected him to put all us crackas on the fields and give every person with some coffee in their milk a Malibu beach home. I am kind of surprised he hasn't either. I am so sick of the race crap and the pc crap. How about a meritocracy?

The moderate (ha) dems are balking (supposedly) over healthcare. The raving lunatic left are as well for the opposite position. The code pinkers hate him for not giving every soldier in the world a set of bongos and enforcing the singing of cum ba ya and give peace a chance immediately. They willl never be happy unless every GI immediately surrendered themself to the nearest foreigner. The right is against him... Well basically for everything he has done.

I love it. It is about time we got one in the "W" column. No pun intended.

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