December 24, 2009

While we slept by Feed your ADHD

I am reposting this because I could not express what I am feeling any better. Dr. Dave, aka Snarky Basterd, already did the work for us.
Feed Your ADHD: while we F****** slept.

While we slept this morning, the real mobsters, the ones dishing out and accepting bribes in the District of Criminals, completely fucked our country along straight party lines (60-39) … with the first vote on Christmas Eve in more than a century.
Atlas just shrugged.
And the funny thing is, we didn’t sleep. We marched on our capitol buildings during the spring, leading up to TEA Party day on April 15. We screamed during townhall meetings and at local Congressional and Senate offices all summer long. We marched on Washington a million-plus strong in September. We stormed Congressional offices in the fall. We added more than a million signatures to a petition to Congress to stop this madness. We phoned and we blogged and we emailed and we snail mailed and we faxed and we twittered and we bled patriotism, pleading with them:
And they didn’t hear a fucking thing.
I don’t know how much more awake we could have been. I don’t know how much louder we could have screamed. I don’t know how many more ways we could have made our opposition known.
In the end, it didn’t matter. They think they know better than us. And now it’s done.
And that’s fine. Let them have their perceived notion of power. Let them slink back home for Christmas and get drunk on the stinking fumes of their “victory.” Let them dance wildly in the shimmery mirage of the “history” they’ve made.
Because now the real fight begins. The fight for November 2010 and 2012 and every forthcoming election thereafter. The fight to send these fuckers back to their homes, tattered and broken, never to be heard from again.
Be bloody angry. Let it burn in you. Let it harden your resolve. Use it to carry on and maintain your focus. Keep it close and keep it ready for when you need it, for when it will be your time to have your voice truly heard.
Get out your checkbooks and give to the organizations that will try to stop this un-Constitutional legislation in the courts. Beat the bushes and find real conservative candidates who are truly willing to honor the Constitution and write them checks and speak out on their behalf.
Then, when the time comes, scream so loudly with your finger in the voting booth that the Socialists will be shocked when the 7 p.m. newscasts declare them extinct.
We’re coming for you, fatcats. Enjoy your good times. Your days of thievery are done. Forever.

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