December 02, 2009

Should we do the "surge"?

Last night, Alan Colmes the liberal corpse at Fox News made the argument that we should bring our troops home from Afganistan. I have to admit, I agree with Colmes but for very different reasons. We know we have a pResident that cares more for his pack of cigarettes than he does for our troops. We know that since Obama took office, he has hancuffed our troops with rules of engagement that our soldiers in Vietnam would have deserted over. We know we are fighting an enemy that is as vicious as any in history. We know our pResident has no desire to achieve anything resembling a victory regarding any foreign policy issue. We know the only reason that Obama is doing this surge is because he needs to do something to appease mainstream America because the majority of Americans excluding the extreme left now disapprove of Obama's handling of his job from the economy, to foreign policy to health care. Given the fact that this troop surge adds up to nothing more than throwing 30,000 more troops into the gauntlet of a no win scenario being run by a no win boss, isn't the better choice to bring our troops home from Afganistan now and not lose anymore American lives in a war the regime wants to lose?

I am all for going all out to try to win in Afganistan but I heard nothing about winning in Obama's speech last night. I did hear more apologies for America's wrongs, more blame on the previous administration and much more subserviance to NATO, the UN and any other foreign power. Such attitudes are not winning attitudes, but the same attitudes that led to the quagmayer in Vietnam.

So you tell me, am I wrong to want to put our troops first?
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