December 22, 2009

Claire McCaskill: Obama’s Joker / 2nd Worst Senator

 The boys from Boystown at Hillbuzz are really gaining points with me.  Anyone who dislikes Claire automatically gets points in my book.  They already came out of the closet, now if we could just get them to out themselves as Conservatives and quit all this Hillary Loving I could really start to like them.  This is from them VIA GatewayPundit

Every Democrat who votes to ration healthcare is a Joker





This image should be put everywhere possible throughout Missouri for the next two years

Claire McCaskill, the second worst Senator alive today, is stirring rebellion in Missouri. 

Across the state, images of Claire Bear as The Joker are popping up…caused by Missourians angry at her refusal to stop the government rationing of healthcare through Harry Reid’s dead of night, top secret, forced legislation.

Every single Democrat voting for this monstrous bill is a Joker. 

This is not how legislation should be passed.  This is not the American way.  This is how the Soviet Union and banana republics operated. 

McCaskill is not up for re-election until 2012, but we hope Missouri does not forget what she has done by then.  (we must never Forget)

We are all Batman today…and need to work hard to put McCaskill and her band of thugs out of business in 2010, 2012, and 2014…until every last one of The Gang of 60 is defeated. 

Every. Last. One. Of. Them.


UPDATE:  Some of you wonder why Claire McCaskill is now just the Second-Worst Living Senator.  Previously, she has been listed as the Worst Living Senator in our book.  Harry Reid, in our opinion, nudged her out of her title a few weeks back when he started calling opponents of Healthcare Rationing RAAACISTS, and said that opposing what he was doing with this secret, middle of the night legislation was tantamount to supporting slavery.  That is so wrong, so inappropriate, and so patently INSANE that we couldn’t help but list him as the Worst of the Worst.  McCaskill will, no doubt, regain her title in November 2010 when Reid is booted from office…and she will retain that title until she, too, is removed from the Senate in 2012.


Keep up the good work Boys


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