February 05, 2010

Feinstein, Gibbs, Can’t Keep Their Mouths Shut on Fruit of Kaboom

 Kit Bond dianne_feinsteinOrrin Hatch


A couple of days ago I caught a bit of an exchange between Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Kit Bond (R-MO), and Diane Feinstein (Harpy-CA) it seems there is much much more to this story and it doesn’t seem to be gaining much traction.  This plays like an episode of 24.  Let me see if I can give the full picture of what happened.

Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab Fruit of Kaboom Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, The Fruit of Kaboom, underpants, or as the pc crowd is calling him now  “The Christmas Day Bomber”, due to his own incompetence and through no action of our intelligence of law enforcement communities fails in his attempt to kill innocent civilians.  He was then taken into custody, where he started singing like a bird.  Then in a really masterful stroke at the behest of the O-ministration he was mirandized after which he immediately lawyer-ed, and shut, UP.  Howls of outrage and public outcry ensue and someone somewhere in the FBI has the bright idea to put his parents on a plane so they could be with him, in the hopes they will encourage him to be more cooperative.  Other deals may have been made, one deal apparently that was made was that he would talk, but only if we kept quiet about it. 

Dog and Pony Now, a word about Congressional Hearings.  There is a saying regarding legal proceedings, “never ask a question you do not know the answer to". This is sage advice because you could ask a question and ruin your case.  If you do not realize already, now is the time to learn that most things done for the cameras of C-span, especially when it comes to high profile cases like the Fruit of Kaboom® bomber are dog and pony shows.  The committee members know the questions and the answers before hand, but it is a great PR move to make people admit their failures on TV.  Senators and Representatives get to look smart, or tough, and the American people are mollified.

SO… Everyone on the Senate Intelligence Committee that day (obviously) knew that Abdulmutallab (fruit of kaboom bomber) was talking, why he was talking, the conditions of his talking, and what he was saying. But there sat Diane Feinstein and across the table and down on the floor in front of her sat all the heads of all the intelligence agencies and the FBI and so she saw an opportunity to look smart and tough for the voters, and probably curry favor with the O-ministration.

FBI Director Mueller She asked the head of the FBI  Robert Mueller,

"It is also my understanding that Mr. Abdulmutallab has provided valuable information. Is that correct?"             

"Yes," Mueller replied.
"Thank you," Feinstein said.

(so far so good, she hasn’t spilled the beans yet)


Dianne_Feinstein Frankenstein "…and that the interrogation continues
despite the fact that he has been Mirandized?"
"Yes," Mueller said again.


Off microphone, you can hear Kit Bond saying the whole time she is asking the  question, once he realizes she stepped into a steaming pile of shit, “no no no no no.”

Too late; what was Mueller going to do?  Lie to the Head of the Senate Intelligence Committee on C-Span?

It was stunning to behold I tell you.  But wait the story gets worse

robert_gibbs5 White House Blabber Mouth, Chief Propaganda and Apologist® Robert Gibbs told reporters all about it, hiding behind the fact that the cat was already out of the bag since it was said in open Senate hearing proceedings.  Kit Bond wrote a letter to the White House chastising the administration, and the White House had the temerity to demand an Apology from Bond!

  Do you know why Diane FrankenStein and Nasty Botoxi, and all the rest of those worthless scumbags don’t care if you or I die on a commercial airliner?  Because Let them Eat Cake2they and their families DO NOT FLY COMMERCIAL.  So as soon as Al-Queda hijacks a Air Force Plane Nasty Botoxi has commandeered for her family’s use or a Private Gulfstream that some other member of congress is on, they will care.  Until then, these types of incidents will only be used for political gain from those on the Left, National Security, and by that, I mean OUR Security, be damned.


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