February 02, 2010

Welcome to the Party, Boys: Hillbuzz declares war on Democrats.

Via Musings of a Vast Right Winger
Guaranteed to piss tons of people off today: we now want every last Democrat in elected office to lose in 2010
hillbuzz All I can say is, Welcome to the Party fellas, this gives me hope.  I, like Musings, do not agree with all of their politics, and I clearly do not understand their sexual orientation, but these guys have a lot going on upstairs.  They are thinking, the light is on, and they are no longer drinking the kool-aid. What is more is that they are influential.  I have said for a long time what they say below, the Pro-Liberty folks are a natural fit for anyone who wants to have a live-and-let-live attitude.  These guys love their country, are productive contributing members of society, and have their thinking caps on:
Point One, To be Gay men in Chicago who declare war on the Democrats like this takes  a lot of guts. Period.
Point two, they are for Michelle Bachmann…how can I dislike them when they clearly have such good taste in women? AND get this, they want her to be SPEAKER.  I am starting to love these guys (not that way).
Point three…they loathe Barbara Boxer (supporting Chuck Devore) and detest Harry Reid.
Now if they would just realize that Hillary wants the same thing as Dr Utopia, aka Chairman Zero we would really be getting somewhere.  Read it and weep democRats, the paradigm is shifting:
Hillbuzz: Guaranteed to piss tons of people off today: we now want every last Democrat in elected office to lose in 2010 
“Only part of this is because of the personal attacks the Left has made on us this week, but another large part of it is something we read over at http://www.hillaryis44.org/2010/01/26/tough-times-ahead-for-hillary-clinton-supporters/, regarding the need to eject every single Democrat from office in 2010.
It took us a long time to come to this point, but the Liberal-Socialist Democrat party needs to not only be defeated in 2010, it needs to g-damn be EVISCERATED. Every last Democrat needs to be brought down, because we have had all that we are going to take with these nuts.
Saying this could very likely get us killed in a place like Chicago. So be it.
The Left has already destroyed one of our ability’s to ever earn a living in this town again. The DNC sanctions these kinds of attacks, if not directly orders them. THAT is what the Democrat Party has become. Breaking Godwin’s Law, we state the obvious and call this Liberal-Fascists what they are: g-damn Nazis.
Oppose them in the slightest, and they will destroy you.
Speak out against them, and they will get you fired from your job and make you unemployable.
Stand up to them, and they’ll ruin your friendships, chase relationships away, and launch full-on war against you.
THAT is what Democrats are all about today.
In the 30+ years we’ve each been alive, the worst a Republican ever did to us was tell us, to our face, we were going to Hell because we like guys. Some added, “I will pray for your illness” when they found out we were gay. We’ve been through most of the states in the South. We grew up in places like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Antonio, Rochester, and Milwaukee.
We’ve been lectured by Catholics, Protestants, Fundamentalists, and Jews of the Republican persuasion, and never once did these people ever do anything worse to us than saying, “Boys, you ain’t right”.
Democrats, however, have sought to destroy us, working page by page through the Alinsky Playbook.We know people at the DNC monitor this site.
We know there are very important people who read us. Trust us, that shocks us as much as it might shock some of you. But we know this for a fact.
We are telling Democrats right now that you have destroyed the Democrat Party, perhaps forever. If you alienated lifelong, dyed in the wool Dems like us, you people are toast.
These lunatics really and truly believe that attacking moderate Dems like us who do not agree with the current Administration is an actual, sound, policy move.
Great Merciful Zeus, this is coming directly from Donna Brazile we bet. That woman is crazy. During the 2008 primaries, we emailed back and forth with her a few times, and she is as rude and vile as can be. This was the genius behind Gore’s failed 2000 campaign, and the woman who dreamed up Obama 2008.
She’s the one who repeatedly said the Democrats do not need moderates, the working class, the blue collar voters, or “average Americans”.
Democrats believe they can exist with just blacks, immigrants, jews, liberals, gays, and the urban elite.Well, we’re gays who commit today to doing everything we can to bring Democrats down in 2010.
Part of it is because of what the DNC did to Hillary Clinton in 2008. Part of it is because of the attacks launched on us this week. But, mainly, it’s because Democrats are bad for this country. The party has gone completely insane and is out of touch not only with voters, but with reality itself.
There are no longer any moderate Democrats to speak of.
This was proven by the votes on the Healthcare Rationing bill. All 60 Dems in the Senate voted for a bill they did not read, did not understand, that they tried to ram through passage in the dead of night when no one was looking.
In our opinion, every last one of these people belongs in prison — for treason. Since we can’t make that happen, we will focus instead on defeating as many of them as we can.
As we said yesterday, looking at our resources, and our time schedule, we can commit to driving an effort behind FIVE good Republicans who can defeat bad Democrats in 2010.
One of these races is Michelle Bachmann’s. If you have any contacts with her, let her know a bunch of gay guys in Chicago want to go all-in for her. We want to make her Speaker too. We are willing to do whatever we can to make that happen.
For the other four races we want to get involved in, we want to pick four really good Republicans we believe in who will defeat Democrats that need to be made examples of.
One of those Dems is Barbara Boxer. Whomever runs against her will have our undying daily support.
We want Harry Reid defeated, but that’s going to happen without us, so we are not going to put our effort there. Part of us wants to take down Evan Bayh, just because we are so disappointed in the man for his behavior in the week before Christmas.
If ANY Democrat should have stood up and shouted down the madness of this Healthcare Rationing bill, it should have been Bayh. This is a man we like very much, on a personal level. This is a man we’ve had multiple conversations with. This is a man we would have loved to have seen become Vice President under Hillary Clinton.
But, he betrayed this country. All Democrats in the Senate did. And now he disgusts us.
We’re torn on what to do about Bayh. Indiana is so close, we could very easily get involved there. But we admit we have lingering loyalty to Bayh for how steadfast he stood with Clinton two years ago. So, he’s tabled for now.
That means two of our berths are now filled. We will be supporting:
(1) Michelle Bachmann
(2) Whomever is the nominee against Boxer (we hope it is Chuck Devore)
And the other three slots are empty.
The qualifications to earn our support are:
(1) Candidate must love America
(2) Candidate must hate socialism
(3) Candidate must not have supported Cap & Tax, the Healthcare Rationing Bill, or Dr. Utopia in any way
(4) Candidate must embrace the Tea Party movement, which we are a part of
(5) Candidate must not be evil to gays
Republicans, stop talking about gays, period. Across the board. News flash: there will always be gays. No matter how much you try to convince us otherwise, Jake Gyllenhaal is hot, Madonna is cool, and a night at Sidetracks beats just about anything else on Earth.
Especially Showtunes night. You can threaten us with fire, brimstone, and the fires of Hell all you want, but we’ll never, ever, not a day in our lives be attracted to women. Nor will we ever wish we were. We drink Pilsners. We adore Lady Gaga. Every drag queen in town knows our first names. We like guys.
Deal with it.
Because we’re here. We’re queer. And we are willing to put ourselves on the front line to take down the Liberals. While Republicans are at their cocktail parties, we are manning phone banks and plotting strategy to take down the corrupt, lunatic, out of control DNC itself.
Reinforcements from the cocktail party, martini in hand, set would be appreciated.
The DNC should take another look at the Daily Kos and DemocraticUnderground to see if they are really getting their money’s worth — because instead of shutting us down, these goblin factories
These fools took the battle to Boystown. They made things personal. And in 2010, we are going to fight harder than we have ever fought for anything to bring these lunatic socialists down.
Who’s with us? “
Musings of a Vast Right-Winger: Guaranteed to piss tons of people off today: we now want every last Democrat in elected office to lose in 2010
p.s. If you boys ever get to Joplin MO, supper is on me.  Welcome to the Resistance.
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