February 02, 2010

Give 'em Hell, Kit & Orrin!

This is all in regards to the mirandizing and allowing lawyerly interference before thorough interrogation on the Fruit of Kaboom Bomber before the senate intelligence committee.
Diane Feinstein had the heads of the intelligence agencies in the carpet for a little dog and pony show. I am sure it did not go the way Senator Feinstein planned.

Senator Kit Bond:
"Enemy combatants must be questioned to the fullest by the intelligence community before, if ever, they are mirandized."

I think we should all miss Kit Bond as he is not seeking re-election this year. I think Kit is one of the good guys, he is the (good) Senator from Missouri.

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah:

"Madam Chairman if I can finish, what I do have a problem with is I think it is stupid to put the whole country through this because the attorney general feels like there is a better way of doing things"

That's Senator Hatch from Utah, another one of the good guys. He has cajones.

And that cute little flower there is *gag* Diane *gag* Feinstein. She is the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Yes she was preparing to silence Senator Hatch with her little gavel

but Mr. Hatch asserted himself. Then she tried to say this started back under Reagan. Sorry Diane, I was alive when Reagan was in office and one thing for sure Ronald Reagan did not do was dither around and be indecisive and weak in the face of terrorism. Nuh uh.

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