February 20, 2010

Is Reverend Manning on to Something?

Those of you not familiar with Reverend David Manning probably should be aware of this, albeit colorful, but also extremely brave man. I first became aware of him a month or two ago when I somehow linked to one of his youtube videos after reading a report that he was going to be jailed for statements he supposedly made regarding Obama. He was never jailed but his office did receive an intimidating visit from officals.

He is what could be termed a "birther" but he seems to have a much deeper grasp of the picture.

I do not think you need to be a conspiracy nut to see something is awry with the timeline and biography of Obama. Add to that the apparent disconnect he has with American principles and values and his complete aversion to operate in any sort of manner that would remedy the situation we are in economically, culturally or in terms of national security and you have the real makings of a Tom Clancy thriller.

I have to admit I do not follow the birth certificate and "lost years" stories very closely. Mostly because we heard these rumblings during the Clinton presidency. Clinton during his Oxford Days was rumored to have been a double agent, with a confirmed CIA connections. He was played as a double agent, infiltrating student antiwar groups and making trips to the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. It is said that he was recruited by the Russians in Czechoslovakia.

We heard of his cross borders education, even spending time in the Soviet Union, the missing medical records and missing school records. All stories very similar to Obama's. Suffering, as we all do from time to time, from polarized thinking I fell into a sort of, "well they can not all be Manchurian candidates or CIA assets" and dismissed them.

Then recently, it hit me. Sure they can. And there are probably others out whose names we do not know.

Manning's perspective is interesting. I do not know if he has the entire picture correct but he certainly has most of the pieces of the puzzle and I am starting to make out some of the images.

It makes you wonder, how many people do you know of little better than middle class means travelled from the United States to Pakistan and into the Soviet Union in the 1980s? Or in the case of Bill Clinton, he was a kid of no means, again making his way to Oxford and into the Soviet Union to study and then into the highest levels of our government? Just a little bit of a coincidence.

Think of the similarities between the two men. Both from dysfunctional backgrounds with little to no paternal influence. Both, undoubtedly, with sociopathic and narcissistic personalities. Interestingly, both men seemed to enter into loveless marriages of convenience to further their charade. Both having mentors of the communist persuasion.

I am not sure what to expect from Manning's trial if anything. Perhaps, we can hope to shed a bit more light on the murky past of Barack Hussein Obama. More than likely we will never know the full truth. However, there is an expression that comes to mind that fits the scenario. There's no such thing as a coincidence in politics...or anywhere else, for that matter.
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