February 16, 2010

Help Wanted: President of the United States

Coming off the wire from AP today is the announcement that Obama's advisors, in reaction to criticism that he is no longer connecting with the milk cows (that would be us), is reverting back to :

-- More direct rapid response to criticism....

-- More events at which the president speaks directly to the public without the filter of the media...

-- Carefully choreographed interactions with the press. Unlike news conferences that are unscripted and can cover many topics and put reporters in competition with the president for the spotlight, the Obama team is trying to place a premium on its media interactions. (taken from AP article via Fox News

I had to check the calendar. Groundhog Day was a few weeks ago, wasn't it? I was not aware we ever left "campaign mode" so how is it he is retreating back to it? Are we going into "campaign mode" on steroids? It is times like these I am thankful to be out of the country. I rarely have to withstand his appearances.

All this in the same 24 hour news cycle where Al Gore makes his reappearance reaffirming that all things climate are "worse than we thought". It might lead one to conclude that all the leftist indoctrination centers where these folks cut their teeth are only focused on the gaining of power. Things kind of fall apart for them with the actual governing once in power or once things are looking to be going their way. It seems they've only mastered "Down For the Struggle 101" and "Getting the Masses All Hopped Up on Class Envy".

I wish I knew which of his advisors was telling him, "Yeah, we agree with you, it isn't your policies, it's just the fact that the guy who lost his job ten months ago and is losing his house has not really heard your message. Once you can convince him that change is hard and he is just the cannon fodder for this sort of change, he'll get it"

What is telling is that Obama does not perceive himself as doing anything wrong. He thinks he is just saying it wrong. Somehow, he feels, he can convince us. Just like with Iran or jockeying for the Olympics, Obama believes his mere presence solves problems. That is why he feels the need to go to the American people without the filter of the media. Which, incidentally, was exactly what George W. Bush needed to do. It is exactly what Obama does not need to do.

I reckon the American public has seen enough Obama to last them a long good while.

Most of the Americans who do not embrace socialism see him for exactly what he is, an old school radical socialist with the ideals of a 19 year old university student. You have to wonder, does he have one competent advisor to tell him, "Campaign time is over, these are serious times. It is time to lead"?

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