April 28, 2010

Who are the Anarchists Now? Arizona Immigration Enforcement

Alambristo Let’s put this in perspective, you are often asked to show your ID when you use your credit or debit card, you have to produce ID to get a loan, buy a home, apply for assistance, enroll for school, fly on a plane, stay in a hotel, or rent a car.  Every time I have been stopped by the police I have been asked to produce license and proof of insurance.  But asking for documentation to prove legal residency in this country is an affront to civil rights? What about my Civil Rights?

I will now have to prove to the IRS every year that I have purchased Federally mandated health insurance, but we cannot ask anyone to prove legal residency in this country? Seriously?

I still cannot wrap my mind around the mental gymnastics required to reconcile that Viva La Reconquesta a person who is here illegally, has not committed a crime. If you will break our laws to get here in the first place why are you amazed we automatically think you will break others while you are here?  How does one become an UNdocumented worker if Documents are irrelevant?  I mean really we do not have pass amnesty at all if we just quit being a nation of laws.

Of course, that would gloss over the fact that Arizona has become the 2nd place winner in the World Kidnapping Olympics…right behind, huh…Mexico City.  Phoenix has more Kidnappings per day than anywhere else in the USA.

It is Racist to affirm enforcement of a Federal Law?  Of course it is.  And all the cops are racists too.  Arizona is only 30% Latino according the the last census (which I am sure did not include many of the soon to be citizens of this country), so I am sure none of the police officers are Latino, and none of them would be married to a Latino. Nope they are all a bunch of White Racists.

La Raza What the pResident and the Left Stream Media are asking the border states to do is to ignore Federal Law, which puts us in the powerful and unique position of getting to choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore.  If the Feral Government is so intent on not enforcing their own law then why not do as Silverfiddle from Western Hero suggests and repeal it?  Just do away with Customs and ICE and Border Patrol, and all of that.  If we can pick and choose what laws we want to follow or not, then why have them in the first place?  That is the logical conclusion to the line of thought now being pushed.  Most liberals are in favor of not enforcing Marijuana laws as well.  So if we are not going to follow Drug Laws, and we are not going to follow Immigration laws, and we rarely follow voting eligibility laws, then guess I don’t have to follow laws that I don’t particularly like either.

NO, that is wrong, we do not get to pick and choose, folks.  Just because we do not Aztlan think a law is Just (for the record I am in favor of the AZ law, and have mixed opinion on the weed issue) we do not get to decide whether or not we follow it.  People who know me and have been listening know that I have said repeatedly that whoever gives amnesty to the illegal aliens in this country is pretty much guaranteed a 60 year electoral majority.  This is about politics plain and simple, this is how the most rapidly unpopular administration our nation has ever seen plans to stay in power.

anarchy I think that this has been a goal of people like William Ayers and Saul Alinsky for years and years, Anarchy for everyone, courtesy of the Progressive Liberal Establishment.

Arriba La Raza, Viva La Reconquesta!


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