October 12, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance

I thought I better post something before everyone started thinking I was taken by the black helicopters and the X ray vans (sad we know for sure one of them exists) but I havent been abducted yet.

So the other day I was watching the new show on Discovery called Swamp People, where people who look a lot like some of my family, friends, and neighbors are chronicled as they hunt gators in the swamps of Lou'sanna.

One of the people I was watching TV with said, "It is surprising that the Animal rights folks and other Liberal Whackos let them put this on TV since they are actually killing alligaotrs" Without missing a beat another person in the room said, "well you know it is because Alligators are not cute. A besides they are far from endangered."

So a third person speaks up and says, "I had never thought about the cute facotr before, but you are right."

Finally I joined the conversation and said, "well proving the exception to the rule, Babies are cute, and if they were doing a show on aborting babies the liberals would think that was great empowering educational television."

Which kind of got me a lot of looks from around the room. But it is TRUE. Just this week a lot of you probably saw that crazy old bat in England saying on the BBC that she would smother her child if it was disabled. If only someone had smothered her.

Picture that for a second though...not the aborting of babies...but lets say the aborting of Panda bears. I want to see a show where a bunch of people sneak into a zoo and abort a panda bear. Why the outrage from PETA would be deafening. There would be boycotts and lawsuits, and save the Panda's concerts everywhere. That idiot from U2 would get up at an awards show and say something stupid. There would be black and white ribbons worn on liberal lapels everywhere. For what? According to them a lump of cells.

Maybe we could get a show demonstrating partial birth abortions to fur seals? Why not, they are ok for a woman to do in a lot of people's minds.

Disturbing mental images aren't they? These are the people we are dealing with... People who think it is ok to kill a baby human but will chain themselves to a tree to keep it from being cut down. Or will boycott a KFC for the treatment of chickens. Or will put commercials on TV showing them blowing up adolescent kids who do not believe in global warming but would have you thrown in jail for chaining your dog in your yard.

That is cognitive dissonance.
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