September 29, 2009

American Exceptionalism – Back to Basics Recap

I did a series of posts this week that have received some fairly high praise. It all started with The Story of Stuff, A disgusting little propaganda piece cooked up by TidesAcornSEIUApolloSoros’ propaganda machine and shown to school children in many places.  Sorry to say it is pretty popular.   It hits pretty much all of my buttons: Nanny statism, Eco weenieism, Subversion of our Youth, and Anti Capitalism. Take a good dose of that and add to it the Obama "American Apology" World Tour.  Throw in a little bit of "America is a downright mean country" and you pretty much get where I am coming from with these posts. 

America is an exceptional nation. Exceptional in all recorded history. So, read these posts, not because I am a particularly great writer (I know I am not), or because I imageknow something others do not, I just find out when I do not know. But because this information needs to be shared, read these posts and if you like them or any part of them, use them. It is not as though these ideas are new, they are not, and few ideas are;  but they are vitally important to understand.  They are vitally Important for our Children to understand. Many of you may not remember that cartoon pictured above. But it is/was emblematic of this whole problem.  In the early 90’s this show ran for a few seasons.  Captain Planet and the Planeteers.  I was in Jr. High.  I knew it was crap then. This is about when the subversion of our kids began in earnest.  Children of the 60’s were having their kids, kids who are now in their early twenties. That is a post for another time…
Back To Basics Part I -Exceptionalism not Imperialism
Back To Basics - Part II - Exceptional Science
Back To Basics Part III - Exceptional Economy
Back To Basics Part IV - Exceptional Culture
Read the Script to the Story of Stuff Here
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