September 10, 2010

I am staying out of the Koran Burning/Ground Zero Mosque Nonsense Debate

I am trying to stay out of this Koran burning nonsense.  But the angle I would take if I was to get involved is that the whole thing proves something important about Islamic fundamentalists.  They burn our flag all day every day and we do absolutely nothing.  IF they were to start burning Bibles, Baptists would not hijack an airliner and crash it into a big mosque in Tehran, but talk about burning their BOOK, and they start talking about KILLING people and rioting in the streets.

I think that shows what a religion of peace they are…

On another note.  The Koran burning folks have a RIGHT to do what they are doing, Just like the Ground Zero Mosque folks have a RIGHT to buy a building and make it a mosque…but BOTH are in very poor taste.

And yet, that is the beauty of our country… you have the right to make complete jackasses out of yourself as long as you do not break the law…and neither of these groups is doing that.

There.  There is my obligatory ground zero mosque and koran book burning post.

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