September 10, 2010

Liberal Elitist Condescension and Shame

It is a puzzling mindset to me, one that I can only theorize on, not one that I claim to completely understand.  I suspect it arises out of the same mindset that compels some members of the glitterati to collect children from other places akin to beanie babies, instead of adopting the some of the many needy children in this country.  As if it is somewhat more noble to adopt a poor hungry mistreated kid from some faraway land than it is to help the one down the street.  See on the face of it, they are doing it to help the less fortunate; while in reality they are doing it for their self aggrandizement and to stoke the flames of their own ego and self importance.

Take pretty much any Liberal agenda item and that is what it boils down to.  Specifically “Tolerance”, which in their meaning of the word is different than the Constitutionalists view.  Their view of it misses half of the meaning.  In my view Tolerance involves reciprocity.  I tolerate your love of Korean Rap, and (this is key) you tolerate my disdain for it.    Better yet, I tolerate your vegan cruelty free lifestyle, as long as you tolerate my bloodthirsty carnivorous predatory meat eating lifestyle.  See there is a balance.  Tolerance is not, “We tolerate your religious beliefs and try to appease you, all the while you go ahead and keep trying to kill us.”

In the Victorian age, at the height of the British Empire you could read books and hear of the gentry class talk of the “noble savages” in Africa, New Guinea,  and other places.  The view was that “these people, God Bless their heathen souls, just didn’t know any better,” and maybe they didn’t dress appropriately, or perhaps they ate one another, and… “it was all quite shocking… but that was nature and…look at them…”

I think a lot of the current mindset towards “multiculturalism” and “Tolerance” has to do with that same mindset.  One the one hand many of the lefty hand wringers  are ashamed and feel guilty for being among other things, White, but more importantly, American… and by extension, Rich.  They are ashamed at our successes  as a nation.  Balancing that shame, is massive amounts of condescension clothed in a thin layer of “tolerance”.  We are expected to ‘tolerate’ a muslim way of life, but we are to have no expectation of them to ‘tolerate’ our continued existence. The reason why is that these liberal goofballs view them as the old English gentlemen viewed those ‘noble savages’.   “Algore bless them, they can’t help themselves, we have to help them.”  It all stems from an inner arrogance.

That is why they take such a conciliatory tone when speaking to, or about, one of the many groups they like to place people in.  First and foremost these people are always more enlightened than the rest of us.  With this great enlightened knowledge comes an awesome responsibility to convert anyone and everyone they encounter.  Now this does not include the ‘noble savage’, they are not the object of the change, because they just do not know better, they are not yet civilized.  The object of this conversion is all of the other people of their society.

This is why the left will defend Islam, but will try to drive out Christianity anywhere it finds it.  Well that, and the fact that Islam provides a mechanism to control people and Christianity lays the foundation for all Liberty. See all of us in the USA should be more enlightened and realize Christianity is a backwards belief, but these third-worlders in Afghanistan don’t know any better, ‘why they are hardly any smarter than someone from the Flyover country…’ and so ‘algore bless them, they just don’t know any better’

Need some proof?  Who is always encouraged to ‘reach out’?  Are illegal immigrants encouraged to ‘reach out’ to Citizens to understand why it is we feel that a general urination on our laws irritates us?  Are radical muslims charged with ‘reaching out’ to all of us who have never harmed one hair of their beards to seek understanding with us and to quit trying to kill us?  When was the last time Vegans were encouraged to ‘reach out’ and try to seek an understanding of why I think cows are delicious?  They aren’t…because they are ‘enlightened’. 

To sum it up, to be a member in good standing with the Liberal Moonbat Left you have to be convinced of your own enlightenment, you must feel ashamed at your successes and those of your fellow citizenry, you must feel superior towards all those who are like you, but refuse the enlightened way; you need to have a lot of pity for those around the world who are different than you, but mask your pity in a veil of concern and caring, …you need to make yourself feel better with your attempts to help those ‘noble savages’ and above all, be Smug about it.

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