June 11, 2010

Comments Woes

So there is something Hinky going on with the comments.  I have been battling it for two days.  I have an email in to IntenseDebate to see if they can shed some light on the issue.  Basically when I uploaded the new template the blogger standard comments were re-activated.  I reinstalled the Intensedebate comments but they are now acting strangely…methinks it possibly has something to with this new “design” feature of Blogger….which I detest already.
Basically here is the deal, you have to go to the post page (click the title of the individual post) to comment.   Pain in the ass, I know.
The other thing,  any comments recently made in the standard blogger fashion are not gone but no one can see them but me on my dashboard…  another pain.  I don’t think I can merge them either.
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