June 21, 2010

Rahm: The Dead Fish may leave, but his stench will remain

rahm-emanuel-3 Rahm Emanuel is not going to go anywhere.  Oh, you may not see him, but he will just do a Van Jones. These people never leave, they don’t even go into remission like normal cancerous carbuncles.  They are a much worse malignancy, some sort of mutant festering abscess on the posterior of humanity.  Rest assured there is already a cushy spot somewhere in AcornTidesApolloSorosDNC; in a climate that hates big shot executives who are utter assclown failures using golden parachutes, Rahmbo, Toes, Deadfish, Emanuel will have a Platinum Parachute with a nice cushy landing spot.  He will be leaving the public eye and taking his dead fish and ballet slippers with him somewhere where he can practice his nefarious deeds out of the eyes of men. His Stink, however,  will still be plenty noticeable on many of Obama’s moves and decisions. This will be a PR campaign to suggest that Obama is moving to the center.  A move that will surely piss off the far left looney base even more than the complete failure of their messiah to turn Oil into Seawater.  Nonetheless, when the ship is sinking most times those who can’t perform, throw other dead weight overboard. 
Just my opinion

Update:  apparently they are casting this the other way, that Rahmbo is the level headed one. IF so we just went from The Wizard of Oz to Alice in Wonderland.  If Emanuel was what was providing the sanity around that joint we are going to have a bumpy two more years.  But a glorious 2012.

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